1. Milkfloat

    Dynamo setup questions.

    I figured it is getting close to the right time of year for all the lighting questions, so I would start one off. I am finally going to move over to an inexpensive dynamo setup, although I might run some battery lights as well when I go out into the countryside. My main use is daily commuting...
  2. middleagecyclist

    *SOLD* Busch & Muller Toplight Brake Plus rear dynamo light

    Rear dyno light from Busch & Muller. 50mm bolt spacing for rack fitting. Excellent condition. £15.00 plus £3.00 p&p. Now up for auction on eBay.
  3. Birdie

    Dynamo help please!

    Hi all, I need to pick your brains please! I am a casual, fair weather, short distance rider with a 1960's Raleigh. I decided my bike would look more authentic with a dynamo lights set. Having been outbid on Miller sets, I ended up with a Pifco set, not great condition but hey. Anyway, I know...
  4. Vantage

    26" Dynamo Wheelset SOLD

    Now down to £50 plus shipping. 36 spoked Sputnik rims laced to a DH-T780-1N XT putting out 6v 1.5w and an LX rear hub. Spa built. According to my iwanson guage, there's just over 1.5mm on the braking surface at the centre. There's some curvature on them. Both wheels run perfectly true. 2500...
  5. Birdie

    Which dynamo !

    Hi all! :hello: I just bid on ebay for a used Miller dynamo lights set for my 60's Raleigh because it looked like one I saw on this Raleigh Rapier which is similar to my bike, but didn't win it! Just wondering if anyone knows for sure what make would've been used on 60's Raleigh's. This...
  6. D

    26" Dynamo Wheelset

    Having another clear out of kit... All items collected from SW London or posted at cost 1 - 26" Dynamo Wheelset - £310 DT Swiss 553D 26" Disc Rims SP-PD8x - 12mm Thru Axle Dynamo Front Hub Shimano RS505 Qr Rear Hub Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 42c Tyres This wheelset is barely used (hence the...
  7. RoubaixCube

    Dunwich Dynamo 2019

    Its nearing that time of year again where a few thousand of take off from the streets of hackney and embark on a long pilgrimage through the dark countryside in the dead of night, right to the coast. Dates to mark in your calendars if you haven't already done so is the 13th and 14th of July...
  8. ren531

    Anyone used Dynamo hubs

    I plan to do a full service on my winter bike over the summer a Islabike Beinn 29 ,I am thinking of getting a hub dynamo for it ,does anyone have any thoughts or experience with modern hub dynos ,what sort of drag effect do they have when in use or when off, is the weight penalty noticeable...
  9. ren531

    Vintage dynamo restoration

    I have been stripping and cleaning the dynamo lights my Raleigh Lenton came with going to paint them and refitt them, i need to find a new glass lens for the head light, the only thing i can think of is to cut one out of perspex, the back light is a battery powered one called starlight with a3...
  10. HeebyGeeby

    Dynamo hub and wheel build

    I want to add a dynamo to the front wheel of my Ribble CGR bike. Currently the wheels I have are Mavic AllRoad, 24 spoke. Rather than rebuilding my wheel, I am considering buying a new Mavic rim (£25) with 32 spoke holes to match up with a 32 spoke Shimano DH-UR705 dynamo hub (£100) and having...
  11. Low Gear Guy

    Waterproof seal for dynamo connector

    What is the CC view on protecting a dynamo connector against water ingress. There is a small gap where the wire enters the top of the connector. Is sealing this with PVC tape sufficient or should I try some form of adhesive? Or am I paranoid about water damage? This is an SP connector but I...
  12. Denis99

    Son Schmidt 28 dynamo, Edelux 2 front light,H track,Supernova Plug 3 all now sold

    All in excellent condition. At present the Son Schmidt dynamo hub is still a complete wheel. I am having some new wheels built up next week, will dismantle the hub from the rim at that point. £110 posted , 36 hole hub. In the unlikely event that someone wants the wheel built up as it is, it...
  13. mattsr

    Disconnecting a Son 28 hub dynamo to remove the wheel

    Hi I've got a Son 28 disc front hub dynamo on my new bike and have a puncture on the front tyre. I can see a double pronged connector which I obviously need to unplug but try as I might I can't seem to get it off. I'm just a bit nervous about breaking something. Does it just need a really good...
  14. D


    Selling my spare set of Dynamo Wheels and a brand new IQX Light as I've realised I don't really need two sets and these are being unused. Wheels are just over a year old and cost £462 new They are Pacenti SL25 disc rims built onto a SP PD-8X front dynamo hub and a Novatec D772 rear The dynamo...
  15. cisamcgu

    Charging/Running a garmin from the Brompton hub dynamo

    I have a Brompton with the Shimano hub dynamo. Is there any way to use it to charge phones/garmins on the road ? Some way of connecting to the output ? I have had a google search but I am not 100% I know what to look for. Thanks Andrew
  16. confusedcyclist

    Soldering dynamo wiring to LED lights?

    After 3 years of reliable service, the exposed wiring that leads from my front dynamo lamp to the rear (B+M Secula) LED light became brittle and snapped in two. The exposed wiring is really thin copper, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did! Road vibrations have killed it at last. I had to...
  17. JhnBssll

    Installing a dynamo hub & lights on the Charge Plug commuter

    I've been looking at dynamo powered lights for a while and yesterday I finally ordered some bits. I'm a pretty competent mechanic but having never fitted a dynamo before I thought I'd run through my plans to see if I'm about to do anything dim or make my life harder than it need be :okay: With...
  18. Bad Machine

    Dynohub for my Delta

    For some time I've thought it'd be good to have dynamo-powered lights on both trikes. Yesterday I completed the first of several wheel-builds that've been in the planning. And I'm a little disappointed; not with the end result of day one - no, the built-up wheel looks fine - but with how long it...
  19. 8mph

    Quoted £250 for front wheel - XT Dynamo on Mavic A719 rim

    Hi all, I asked the LBS for a quote for a new 700c front wheel with Mavic A719 rim and Shimano XT Dynamo hub, they said £250. I've checked SJS cycles and they only have the Disk option ( bike has rim brakes ). I've checked Rose bicycles and SPA cycles (who do the XT dynamo but only on a Sputnik...
  20. Tenkaykev

    Brompton Dynamo Wheel

    I'm thinking of fitting a Dynamo wheel to my Brompton. I've looked around and there don't seem to be many available. ( My Google -Fu skills might not be up to scratch ) some sites list them but say " not available " I can't really stretch to the Son hub but see there is a " SP Dynamo hub " which...
  21. steveindenmark

    Son 28 dynamo - changing axles

    I want to change the front wheel on my bike. The existing wheel has a 9mm axle. I believe. The one I want to change it with has a Son 28 dynamo and a QR skewer. I have the adaptor for the dynamo. What tool do I need to remove the centre of the dynamo, in order to fit the adaptor? O r can I use...
  22. D

    SOLD Schmidt SON 28 Dynano Disc Wheelset

    I'm selling some fantastic and bombproof dynamo disc wheels. Front: Schmidt Son 28 Disc Hub, 36 H Alex Disc Rim Rear: Xt Disc Hub, 36H Alex Disc Rim Built around the legendary SON 28 hub front and XT rear hub they're top notch touring rims. They are 36 spoke so very solid, both wheels are...
  23. Heltor Chasca

    Rear Dynamo Light Mod Ideas

    Currently my Audax bike has the below rear dynamo light bolted to the rear rack. I am thinking of taking the rack off as I only use it with panniers on an occasional basis. There is an almost identical light which is specifically to mount to mudguards but at £65 I would have to sell this light...
  24. PeteXXX

    Dunwich Dynamo 2018

    Anyone thinking of riding the Dunwich Dynamo on 28/29th July? :bicycle:
  25. T

    Dynamo powered lights

    Who remembers them ? ,, Shame there isn't a dynamo system for charging phones , whilst your out on the bike
  26. bikingdad90

    Wiggle Durham Dynamo 2018.

    Anyone doing the Wiggle Super Series: Durham Dynamo sportive on 13th May 2018? It is my first Wiggle sportive and wondering what to expect. I have done a few Velo29 ones so expecting the same numbers and flexibility unlike the Prudential Ride London.
  27. toffee

    Dynamo Front Light

    So after I have chosen a dynamo, which front light is the best one to go for. Also has anyone charged a phone/GPS/battery pack from any of the lights with USB charging?
  28. toffee

    Reasonably priced Dynamo

    Just been looking for a reasonably priced dynamo for for a disc braked front hub - 6 hole Found some cheap ones but want something a bit more, hopefully, reliable. Anyone got any ideas?
  29. cosmicbike

    Can Somebody Please Explain Dynamo Lighting To Me?

    As a year round rider, I'm starting to look at 'better' lighting options. So far these are battery driven which I use on my road bikes. My commuter (Boarman CX Team, of 2015 vintage), currently uses 2 x SMART lights on the front, each powered by 2 x AA rechargeables, and 2 x Cateye LD-600's on...
  30. B

    Busch & Muller Lumotec IQ2 Luxos U dynamo lighting system- Ideal for Whyte Wessex/ Dorset

    This came on a secondhand bike I purchased, and I don't want it, so looking to lose the extra weight, and free up some pounds (sterling!). I understand it's a fantastic system, automatic light, and also charges gadgets! See the link below for details. Now the problem will be in transplanting...
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