1. A

    SON Dynamo wheelset, QR, 700c (Spa built), Edelux 2 headlight

    - SON 28 dynamo with Hope RS4 rear hub, Kinlin XR-26RTS rims, 32 spokes, Shimano freehub. In as new condition, tubeless set up with Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 700x40 tyres on with little wear but have been sat in a garage doing nothing for almost a year. Includes rotors (Shimano) 160mm...
  2. Domus

    Dynamo wheelset

    Son dynamo hub on a wheel set built by SJS, rear hub is Shimano 105, complete with Durano DD tyres. Rim brake surfaces in VGC £150 collect from Radcliffe Manchester
  3. Solocle

    Dynamo Speed Sensor

    Currently in the early phases of this project. But behold! It seems that 220 mph is about the limit with ANT+ and the Roam... Currently I'm just fiddling with one of the ANT+ sample projects on an nRF51 discovery board. However, the nRF51422 seems to be a fairly capable chip. The idea is to...
  4. R

    A review of PedalCell, an impressive new rim dynamo

    I just finished testing of the PedalCell, a new rim dynamo that is designed to charge USB devices while you ride. I was impressed by how much charge it delivered. If you tour with USB-chargeable devices, this dynamo will keep them in electricity without requiring you to plug them into wall...
  5. Blue Hills

    Dynamo 2021?

    Anyone planning to do it in any way? I don't think southwark cyclists are doing the transport back this year - 2nd year they haven't been for obvious planning reasons.
  6. astrocan

    Running lights with a dynamo

    My front hub was on its last legs (sic) and I found a half decent dynamo hub for what I think was a more than fair price. Having built it into a wheel I now need some lights and my eye has fallen on the box of semi-redundant battery LED lights that are just waiting for a new lease of life...
  7. A

    Dynamo wheelset advice

    I'm after getting a dynamo wheel/set for Audaxing and touring/bikepacking whichever you wished to call it. Need to be QR and disc brake as I have decided to keep my current Equilibrium rather than changing for the next year, although my decision on that seems to change with the wind. This...
  8. Andrew_Culture

    Dunwich Dynamo, in reverse, with a champion runner

    As part of a holocaust memorial day event (or preparation, to be more precise) I will be doing most of the Dun Run, but in reverse. We will be starting in Ipswich and travelling to London Fields. My brother-in-law (Mark Curtis) is an extreme marathon runner and will be running the entire route...
  9. MahatmaAndhi

    Dynamo Hub Lights

    Hi all, My bike has a dynamo hub on the front wheel. It came with a set of lights, but I have no idea what they were. I've misplaced them. They weren't very bright anyway, so I'm in the market for a new set. But I don't really know what I am looking at. I was thinking of spending about £40 for...
  10. N

    Son dynamo lights

    Son dynamo Have front light but needs to be moved up to handlebar https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/lighting-spares/black-schmidt-headlight-bracket-for-delux-milled-318-mm-clamp/ No rear light so should get this? https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/lighting/schmidt-rear-light-rack-mount-50mm-black-red/ Will...
  11. Hover Fly

    Hub dynamo wheel

    Son Classic (original straight barrel type) in DRC Touring rim 16.5 internal 700c. 32 spokes £70 plus post £10
  12. Lovacott

    Just bought a Nean front and rear light set along with a bottle dynamo. No cable?

    Hi all, Just bought a Nean front and rear light and although there is cable to connect the Dynamo to the front light, there is no cable supplied to run from the front (master) light to the rear (slave) light? Both front and rear lights have two spades each which are supposed to couple them up...
  13. Soltydog

    Dynamo cable routing

    I'm currently in the process of building/modifying a winter bike which I will transfer my dynamo lighting set up onto, however I would like to tidy the cables up on the new build. I currently have the cable wrapped around the fork, but I'm wanting a neater looking set up. I thinking of using...
  14. C

    Tyres to use with Brompton bottle dynamo?

    Howdo, Just looking at a new set of tyres for a late-2005 P6R-X with olde worlde bottle dynamo driven off the rear tyre. Brilliant Bikes helpfully note in their listing for Schwalbe Marathon Plus 16 x 1.35 that they are not suitable for use with the bottle dyno. Therefore could anyone...
  15. jeffoi

    Dynamo lights on qnt

    Hi, all. I have an ice QNT circa 2007. I've always used dynamo hub and lights in my past bikes and was wondering if it's possible to do the same on my QNT. I have drum brakes on the front, and would like to keep them, really. Searching the net tells me that there are no rear hub dynamos...
  16. T

    Prime Audax 650B Alloy Dynamo Wheelset

    Prime Audax 650B Alloy Dynamo Wheelset Anyone got a pair? Currently £249.99 online at Wiggle and CRC (with another £10 off if a BC Member). Just wondering if I should give them a go, but I can't find any reviews https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/prime-audax-650b-alloy-dynamo-wheelset/rp-prod187137
  17. G

    For Sale-Wheels, Front, Rear & Dynamo-All now sold

    Following the demise of my Kinesis bike I have the wheels from it for sale due to my new bike being thru axle, Front DT Swiss R460 32H Rim with Shimano DH-3D37 Centre lock Dynamo hub, Michelin Lithion tyre 700x25c,TRP 160MM Rotor. Hand Built by Willy Bain in Glasgow, approx 1 year old. £80...
  18. PeteXXX

    Dunwich Dynamo 2020

    Dunwich Dynamo 2020 July 4th. Do we think it will be on, or cancelled this year, or will some just ride it anyway? 🤔
  19. N

    Move a dynamo hup to another wheel. Cost?

    How much would it cost as I want to keep my rigida supersonic rims. I use them off road every day. The rim is as true today as it was 10 years ago. Magnificent rim. I would probably need want to want to put the original hub into the wheel it has been taken out of. Or should I just by a cheapo...
  20. Andy in Germany

    Servicing a Shimano hub dynamo

    I've noticed a very slight wobble on the front wheel of my touring bike, which appears to be due to the bearings on the Dynamo. Has anyone ever tried to deal with such a problem, and where would you start? I have been looking for tips online but videos seem to focus on servicing the dynamo...
  21. citybabe

    Rear Dynamo light not turning off

    I have a set of Busch & Miller dynamo lights on a new Genesis Tour de Fer touring bike. Only been out on the bike once so far with the lights on and the rear light didn’t turn off when I switched the front off which then drained the power I’m new to dynamo lights so is this the norm or do I...
  22. ren531

    2.4w dynamo hubs

    Anyone know if a dynamo hub with an output of 2.4w can power a decent set of front and rear lights or are they just suitable for front light only and would need a hub with an output of 3w to properly power front and rear lights .
  23. Milkfloat

    Dynamo setup questions.

    I figured it is getting close to the right time of year for all the lighting questions, so I would start one off. I am finally going to move over to an inexpensive dynamo setup, although I might run some battery lights as well when I go out into the countryside. My main use is daily commuting...
  24. middleagecyclist

    *SOLD* Busch & Muller Toplight Brake Plus rear dynamo light

    Rear dyno light from Busch & Muller. 50mm bolt spacing for rack fitting. Excellent condition. £15.00 plus £3.00 p&p. Now up for auction on eBay.
  25. Birdie

    Dynamo help please!

    Hi all, I need to pick your brains please! I am a casual, fair weather, short distance rider with a 1960's Raleigh. I decided my bike would look more authentic with a dynamo lights set. Having been outbid on Miller sets, I ended up with a Pifco set, not great condition but hey. Anyway, I know...
  26. Vantage

    26" Dynamo Wheelset SOLD

    Now down to £50 plus shipping. 36 spoked Sputnik rims laced to a DH-T780-1N XT putting out 6v 1.5w and an LX rear hub. Spa built. According to my iwanson guage, there's just over 1.5mm on the braking surface at the centre. There's some curvature on them. Both wheels run perfectly true. 2500...
  27. Birdie

    Which dynamo !

    Hi all! :hello: I just bid on ebay for a used Miller dynamo lights set for my 60's Raleigh because it looked like one I saw on this Raleigh Rapier which is similar to my bike, but didn't win it! Just wondering if anyone knows for sure what make would've been used on 60's Raleigh's. This...
  28. D

    26" Dynamo Wheelset

    Having another clear out of kit... All items collected from SW London or posted at cost 1 - 26" Dynamo Wheelset - £310 DT Swiss 553D 26" Disc Rims SP-PD8x - 12mm Thru Axle Dynamo Front Hub Shimano RS505 Qr Rear Hub Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 42c Tyres This wheelset is barely used (hence the...
  29. RoubaixCube

    Dunwich Dynamo 2019

    Its nearing that time of year again where a few thousand of take off from the streets of hackney and embark on a long pilgrimage through the dark countryside in the dead of night, right to the coast. Dates to mark in your calendars if you haven't already done so is the 13th and 14th of July...
  30. ren531

    Anyone used Dynamo hubs

    I plan to do a full service on my winter bike over the summer a Islabike Beinn 29 ,I am thinking of getting a hub dynamo for it ,does anyone have any thoughts or experience with modern hub dynos ,what sort of drag effect do they have when in use or when off, is the weight penalty noticeable...
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