1. T.M.H.N.E.T

    Matt Stephens cafe ride W/ Pippa York

    View: https://youtu.be/5abgXEWQPlI
  2. ColinJ

    SHORT NOTICE! Flat metric century ride from Garforth via York, this Saturday (13th Nov, 2021).

    Sorry for the short notice folks, but if any of you fancy joining @Littgull and me for a very easy (flat!) metric century ride from Garforth this coming Saturday (13th Nov. 2021) you'd be welcome to. We will ride at a fairly easy steady pace, probably a moving average of around 20 kph (12.5...
  3. Saracenlad

    Took the Wife to New York for tea.

    Lovely ride to New York. Only took us 2 hours!!!
  4. hoopdriver

    New York Times photo essay

    For the past year of the lockdown I've been going out each morning with camera and tripod and shooting my mortning bicycle rides as though they were travel features. This morning the New York Times ran a collection of my images as a photo essay intheir The World Through a Lens travel series...
  5. G

    Little Betty’s Tea rooms Stonegate, York closing

    Just found out that this branch of Betty‘s is closing. So sad as I have long memories of Taylor’s as it was then known, since the late 1970s. I much preferred this quirky tea room to the more formal branches in York and Harrogate. Queues up the stairs and the dilemma of whether to sit in the...
  6. Landsurfer

    Trains from York to Doncaster / 40 mile an hour tailwind possibilities

    Tomorrow , 21st August there are weather warnings in my area. Southerly wind, 40 to 47 mph. So a cycle from Maltby, Rotherham to York would be a good idea. Return as far as Donnie by train ... Anybody have any experience of Northern Rails "travel with a bike" covid-19 era rules .... Or lack of...
  7. tom73

    Injured cyclist 'deliberately' struck in York hit-and-run

    Appeal for information https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-52825213 Two cyclists injured one now left with a broken back in what looks to be deliberate attack On Monday 25th May 2020 B122, about a mile south of Naburn marina between 10:30 to 10:50 BST struck by a dark...
  8. tom73

    York plan to ban cars from city centre.

    Know York quite well always thought why anyone would even try to drive though it. When you've got good park and ride options Hopefully they get this one right the last few go's at limiting vehicles was not all that great. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-50957470...
  9. Slioch

    England : North Yorkshire Brass Monkeys - York - Saturday 14th December 2019

    We don’t have many winter Forum rides. Anyone fancy joining me for an informal ride just before Xmas? The route I’m taking is 62 miles with 1,300 feet of ascent, possibly two cafe stops depending on demand, and no big or scary hills en-route. The route will be a mixture of quiet country lanes...
  10. B

    york cycle rally

    can you just turn up on the weekend and camp and will the be cycle companies there selling cycles from small companies to the big ones and do people sell 2nd hand bikes there just wondering not been for years
  11. currystomper

    York Rally

    Looking forward to going to my first York Rally, anyone else going? http://yorkrally.org/ Applied to go on the audax and the fish'n'chips ride looks good too! Anyone got any other suggestions that they think are good options?
  12. theloafer

    route out of york

    any local `s like to advise if this route is fine g/f rather not ride out on the road ^_^ going down to pick up the new bike in the morning :wahhey::wahhey: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/800614 cheers larry
  13. annedonnelly

    York route advice - Ron Cooke Hub

    I'm going to a conference next week at the Ron Cooke Hub, part of York University. I'll be travelling to York by train so it looks like it might be a good opportunity to dust off the Brompton to get to the venue from the station. I've got a York cycle map and it looks like I need to turn right...
  14. tom73

    Police looking for owners of stolen bikes York area

    York police want to find the rightful owners of these five stolen bikes https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/crime/york-police-want-to-find-the-rightful-owners-of-these-five-stolen-bikes-1-9574747
  15. Richard A Thackeray

    Food In York

    Open Question #1 Does anyone know of a good Indian restaurant, reasonably near to 'The Barbican', in York? Thanks in advance
  16. R

    [4K video] - London to York, by bicycle

    Hi people, if your interested I've just finished editing a scenery video of my London to York bike ride, that I completed last month. The route went via; Bedford, Peterborough, Lincoln, Hull and York. The bicycle adventure was 5 days - I didn't go at the fastest pace but all in all was a nice...
  17. thunderlips76

    barnsley to york

    anyone got any (quiet traffic wise) ideas for routes from Barnsley, (Hoyland) to York. Cycling fro Barnsley to Scarborough at the weekend and have the route nailed from York to Scarborough (we did it last year so have the strava route).
  18. D

    Terror Attack New York

    https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2017/oct/31/new-york-vehicle-manhattan-bike-path-attack-fears-live-updates Don't know if this is the right place for this, but it is being reported that someone has killed 8 people by deliberately driving a pick up on to a cycle path in Lower Manhatten...
  19. Thorn Sherpa

    Doncaster to York

    York by Thorn Sherpa posted 28 Sep 2017 at 13:47 1st decent bit of mileage I've done on this bike today roughly a 80 mile round trip, despite it being a flat run my legs were glad when I got back into Doncaster! Lovely place York lots of other cyclists out and about, what surprised me was how...
  20. Smokin Joe

    Phillipa York

    This podcast on Cycling News is well worth forty minutes of your life, whether you have any interest in cycle racing or not. http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/the-philippa-york-podcast/
  21. Treewisemonkey

    The York Rally 24th-25th June 2017

    Hi All, Is any one going ? ( Google it ) I'm thinking of going. As coming from North London, it'll probably be a train job to York. I'll be going on Friday and camping on site for Friday, Saturday, Sunday night, coming back Monday. Any car shares ? Any one been before ? Any good ? Any tips etc...
  22. busdennis

    England : North Yorkshire York - Humber Bridge - York

    York - Humber Bridge - York is an Imperial century ride starting from York Minster, the date was set a few months ago. 8th July. This is the perfect ride for your first century attempt if you haven't ridden 100 miles before. It will be a 9 am start this year to insure we get to the cafe at...
  23. Flying Dodo

    FNRttC York to Hull Friday Night Ride - 23rd June 2017

    This is a pre registration advance warning for anyone thinking of coming along on this ride and wanting to enjoy such delights as seeing the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe; cycling below the level of a canal, viewing what is possibly the blankest square kilometre marked on OS maps...
  24. NorthernDave

    England : North Yorkshire Vélo29 York - Leeds - York

    Anyone else signed up for this sportive on Saturday 18th March? http://velo29events.com/sportives/york-leeds-york/ If you are, have you noticed that the start (and finish) location has changed to York Auction Mart? I only noticed the change today when I went to download the route .gpx file...
  25. NorthernDave

    England : North Yorkshire York - Leeds - York (Vélo29)

    Just signed up for this on 18th March next year along with a mate. http://velo29events.com/sportives/york-leeds-york/york-leeds-york-short/ Only doing the short one as we're both going for the 'epic' 100-miler at the Wiggle Vale Vélo a couple of weeks later, so thought this would be a nice warm...
  26. biggs682

    A week in York updated 26/08

    We are in York for the week and have just had a gentle stroll around some of the City centre and along the river. Loads of hen and stag parties that look worse for wear already.
  27. bikepete

    York Rally 2016, 18-19 June: the UK's biggest recumbent, trike and HPV gathering?

    Cyclechatters with interesting bikes are warmly invited to the York Rally 2016! See here for what Cyclechatters thought about it last year: https://www.cyclechat.net/threads/york-rally-2015-20-21st-june.170774/page-2 After being revived in 2015 by a new group of independent volunteers, the...
  28. bikepete

    York Rally 2016 - 18th-19th June

    Cyclechatters are warmly invited to the 2016 York Rally, taking place on the Knavesmire, York, on the weekend of 18th-19th June. It's a great event encompassing all sorts of cycling, is run entirely by volunteers and is about cycling, not making money (beyond that needed to run it!). Entry is...
  29. SonicRob

    Cycle detection system fitted to York university buses

    http://www.cyclealert.com think the more cities bus/ LGV's get this the better
  30. busdennis

    England : North Yorkshire york humber york 105 miles 25th june

    following on from this successful ride last year https://www.cyclechat.net/threads/saturday-27-june-york-humber-york-105-miler.172716/ I've chatted with @middleagedcyclist and I'm going to coordinate this year with the ride planned the same as last year, same route, same meeting point, same café...
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