anti-wrinkle cream for men


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The daily commute seems to have taken a toll on my skin and I'm noticing some wrinkles on my forehead which I'm sure weren't there a year ago.

I think it's a combination of the weather and the scowl / angle I cycle to work with. I normally use L'Oreal Men Expert but I think I might be ready for some anti-wrinkle stuff.

Do any guys on here use that pentapeptides stuff, the one advertised by Nadine Baggot in the adverts?


Going on her face? Botox,its the future.


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Use a moisturiser that contains UVA & UVB sun screens and make sure you don't just apply & forget it, but reapply during the day. You don't have to spend a fortune on a moisturiser, despite what the adverts would have you believe - even we ladies tend not to fall for the hype :biggrin:

Of course you could always go for a combination of a chemical peel, fillers & botox. :ohmy:

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
I would use Assos cream.

I have applied it for years on one part of me, but left everywhere else 'Assos free' as a control. The area which sees a regular application has yet to get a single wrinkle.

You can't get more scientific than that.


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NickM said:
Because vanity, thy name is Arbitrary :ohmy:

Wrinkles add character to a face. Character is good. Youth is dull, and only attractive to the morbidly superficial.
If I'm honest, the wrinkles seem to have gone today, it seems to be a stress induced end of friday thing.

I do however seem to be getting the tell-tale signs of crows-feet however, a sort of dimpling. Hmmm....


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Blue said:
Yeah, be a real man and just rub them away with some heavy duty sandpaper :tongue:
Anyone who doesn't moisturise and then cycles a lot probably looks like a sandblasted pineapple anyway...
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