Anyone else keep getting colds


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Ive had bad enough colds to keep me from riding seriously about 4 times this year. I'm not drinking all that much, sleep all right, my diet is OK, I take some vitamins (not that I think that makes much difference). A couple of times after I've been flying I've noticed I've caught something, but I don't think that is the cause of everything.

Anyone else keep getting sick?

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Small children in the house? The Snot Twins were (are) always very democratic when it came to sharing germs.
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I've not had a cold since I started to live on my own about 4 years ago; the same time I took up cycling. Perhaps both are contributory factors.


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I haven't had a cold for a few years (3 or 4). I've put it down to the amount of fruit and veg I eat each day which I wasn't eating before (when I used to get 3-4 colds a year).


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How hard are you training?
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Aye, one each in October & November then sandbagged by a right 'un in December. Five days in bed with nowt to eat for three. I've not been right since. If I get on the bike I start wheezing like a leaky boiler. It's just not enjoyable.
Can't be anything seriously wrong cos I've put on two stone since Christmas.


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Could be training to much and not letting your body have a brake. Although you say your diet is fine are you sure you are eating enough to keep up with training etc.
I get colds a couple of times a year but that's probably due to the kids sharing germs and working with the public. And they never last to long which is good


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Try eating some ice cream, at a time when you'd normally be doing very little(body gets into a routine), the next time you get one.
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