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Just after advice if the British Cycling membership is worth the fee, by the looks of the liability and legal benefits that looks to be worth the fee alone...


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It depends a bit on how you ride. If you ride in a group they may insist that you have liability insurance as a minimum - which your membership gives you. You also get some useful discounts for places like Halford (I believe - but I have never used my card for the useful discounts as I tend to buy on line!)
British cycling are working to promote cycling in various forms too so good to support that.


+1 on what vickster says. They helped me out recently with a claim and the third party liability is a bonus too. I get mine discounted due to being a registered accredited marshall.


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I think not: you should be able to get better liability and legal defence cover with your home insurance, plenty of legal claim help out there at the moment and British Cycling are racing centred fools whose helmet requiring, recumbent banning rules are ruining charity bike rides IMO. It's sad that they have a discount deal with the biggest bike shop that fails to contribute to the Bike Hub community grant scheme.
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