Cleat bolt won't tighten


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I recently started using spd cleats and one of the bolts doesn't tighten/screw in as far as the other on the same shoe. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what did you do? Do I just need to get a new bolt?

Just to be clear - it tightens a bit and is probably not too dangerous, but obviously I'm a little concerned about the cleat coming off mid-cycle...


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Swap the bolt and plate if you can - bolt as a bear minimum and make sure the thread is clean. Both bolts need to be tight.


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Both bolts need to be tightened "eff-off" tight, which is an old English engineering term. Less than that and you will be in trouble sooner rather than later.


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Thanks for the advice everyone, next time I'll fiddle some more before posting a thread as it was the bolt plate inside the shoe that was the problem. Turned it around and both bolts screw in fine now. I bet I still forget to unclip and fall off anyway
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