1. Peter Salt

    Cleat wedges

    Hia, I was going about my bike fit yesterday and noticed that after a few minutes of semi-intense pedalling the outside of my right foot started aching, the left followed suit a short while after. Thought I'm doing something wrong but after a bit of searching found out that it's probably just...
  2. Ridgeway

    Replicating cleat positions

    What's your tried and tested method to replicate cleat positions on a new pair of shoes ? Keen to get the new set as per my current ones as they are now a great position ! Thanks PS: this is for 3 bolt road cleats
  3. icowden

    Cleat questions...

    HI all, I have finally ended my long quest to find cleated shoes that actually fit my feet. I am now the proud owner of a pair of Lakes MTB Shoes. But now I have many questions... 1) When I am cycliing with people who wear road shoes, I hear ka-klunks when people clip in and out. My shoes do...
  4. B

    Replacing SPD cleat... replace pedals too?

    Hi, I've done about 4,000k on my current SPD cleats and pedals and they feel very "floaty" now. Like my foot moves around a lot on them. I was going to replace to cleats as they look worn but should I replace the pedals too? How long do they typically last?
  5. T

    Cleat setting

    Done the seated test and toes point inwards Done the marching on spot and stand before looking at feet. Knees point out and right foot straight bit left toes point out. Pedals are new and stiff so to get any setting without the cleat moving when I try to remove has meant the teeth have dug into...
  6. plastic_cyclist

    A pedal and cleat change.....

    Hi, I have a Giant TCR and have now come to the point where I will hibernate this until March time. This bike has SPD pedals and I want to replace them with more of a road pedal, the SPDs will transfer to the Tri-cross so once the good weather returns there is no need to switch back, just add...
  7. Ridgeway

    Keo cleat rubber inserts, available separately ?

    Some how i've ended up with several pairs of the standard Keo cleats and i much prefer the Keo Grip cleat ie with the rubber inserts underneath. I know many don't like them due to clipping in issues but some how they work for me and i'm happy to avoid any slippage risks when ever i can. I...
  8. swee'pea99

    Is there more than one kind of Look cleat?

    My Look cleats are well worn out, so I got some replacements: But they're not working. Basically, they seem too big - not by much, but even a couple of mms means they just won't engage with the pedals. The fact that these are described as 'delta compatible' makes me wonder whether I've...
  9. M

    New to cleats - help

    Hi, I’m 52, never used cycle shoes with cleats and I am nervous about it. Not falling off but: 1. Concerned I won’t like the fixed foot position 2. What if I get a mechanical I can’t fix? At least with trainers I can walk the bike miles if needed? 1 - I suspect is an irrational fear? 2 - Is it...
  10. plastic_cyclist

    SPD Cleat Help

    Hi, if I purchase these shoes Shimano M065 SPD - do I just need these SPD Cleats to accompany them ? This is my pedal...
  11. wyre forest blues

    Cleat adaptors

    I have just bought a pair of Shimano RW5 winter cycling road boots. These allow both 3 bolt SPD-SL and 2 bolt SPD cleats . What they dont tell you until you open the instruction leaflet is that you need a cleat adapter, SH-SM40 to use the 2 bolt SPD cleats. Has anyone else encountered this issue...
  12. Trigger369

    Cleat position on new shoes

    Hi all . I've picked up a new pair of cycling shoes and cleats . Has anyone any tips on how to replicate the cleat position on to the new shoes from my old shoes ? Thanks
  13. oldgreyandslow

    Cleat set up?

    I'm having a brain fade dumb moment, for some reason my right shoe/cleat feels like the ball of my foot isn't on the pedal spindle, unlike the left, and it feels like my foot needs to move back, to get the instep over the spindle, as it feels a bit like the spindle is nearer my instep. Seems...
  14. Reynard

    SPD Cleat Bolts

    Can anyone point me to a good supplier of cleat bolts? I seem to have developed an alarming habit of losing them of late and wouldn't mind a few spares... :blush:
  15. Milzy

    Cleat tension preferences?

    As time has gone on I’ve been setting my SL pedals tighter & tighter. I now have maximum tension for the turbo. Shouldn’t you go as tight as you can as long as you can get in & out? Who else like them tight is alright?
  16. Cuchilo

    Cleat positioning jig / tool

    Anyone had a go on one of these ? Had mine done at my LBS this week and just about to go for a test ride ^_^
  17. R


    Is there a packing piece to fill in the place where cleats fit on the bottom of MTB shoes? I dont use cleat but have some comfortable MTB shoes with a hole for cleats, my pedals keep falling into this home, so I need to pack it out to the level of the sole of the shoes. I could make some using...
  18. R

    Anyone using cleat wedges?

    I'm getting some ankle and knee pain on longer rides attributed to foot position. I had a badly sprained ankle which has left me very toe out with considerable forefoot and rearfoot varus. I can mostly correct toe out with cleat position andvangle but wondered if anyone has experience using...
  19. jifdave

    swapping shimano to look cleat positioning?

    I ride with shimano spd sl on my road bike which i had fitted as part of a bike fit. I'm starting to ride more track and have to use look keo pedals that are on the hire bike. How does positioning of the two compare, i know the shimano cleat is bigger but i am wondering if i was to draw around...
  20. macp

    Knee pain and cleat position

    Went for a longer ride today and im getting knee pain in my left leg on the top of my knee. Im certain my saddle height is right I cant go higher and risk not being able to touch the ground in the saddle. Im suspecting saddle too far forward or cleat positioning. When I fitted my cleats I pretty...
  21. macp

    Two or four bolt cleat

    Realised tonight that I dont like not being clipped in as I am on my roadbike so Im going clipless. I note some shoes are two bolt and some are four. Any reason/adantages for this ?
  22. Dec66

    SPD-SL cleat bolts

    Why are they so bloody expensive? How can they justify that price?
  23. J

    pedal just pushes cleat back out

    I am having this problem everytime I am out riding where I clip in on the left pedal and its in but the right pedal just pushes the cleat back out every time I push down. I have bought new cleats to see if it was them but its not the pedal tension is on its slackest. has anyone had this before.
  24. Wolf616

    Cleat bolt won't tighten

    I recently started using spd cleats and one of the bolts doesn't tighten/screw in as far as the other on the same shoe. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what did you do? Do I just need to get a new bolt? Just to be clear - it tightens a bit and is probably not too dangerous, but...
  25. jamin100

    Lost cleat bolt

    lost a clear bolt at the weekend. Luckily I noticed and was able to un clip safely Does anyone know where I can get a replacement without having to buy new cleats ?
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