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Told you it was an easy one. Taken on Saturday. Other clues were the 410 bus and the Giant dealership. I cropped the G off Giant and edited out the words Crystal Palace underneath it because that would just be too much of a giveaway.

Over to you @Tribansman


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Another nice easy one with plenty of clues...

Taken from Google Streetview as most of my ride pics tend to have only slivers of road in them at best

Edit: in case it's not obvious, the grey splodge is where I've blocked out a signpost!



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How about this one:



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Yep. Have done the road a couple of times en route out of Newark to quieter lanes when cycling up north to see my folks. Remember the smell being pretty pungent from the factory, and the chimneys and steam clouds visible for miles around. Over to you...
My sister used to live in Bury St Edmunds, and the sight of the sugar silos meant that she was nearly home, or I was just about to arrive, so the sight of such items was quite evocative. On the other hand, the factory also used to be quite smelly when the wind was in the wrong direction, so not all good for her.


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I'm looking for single chevrons on the OS map.

Judging from the obscured sign there looks to be a large factory site/military camp/whatever off to the right.

Hmm... things to do now. I'll check in later and have another look if nobody has found it by then!
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