How often do you rest during a ride?


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did a 36 miler the other night, which is quite a bit longer than I normally do. Back feeling a little sore these last couple of days. I did stop for a short re-fuel (about 10 mins) but that was my only stop.

Do you recommend stopping a bit more frequently when on a long ride, or just keep going?

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Depends entirely on how I feel.


Probably 20 to 30 miles. I would do a 30 mile ride from home without stopping but would depend on the time of day I might stop for some lunch if it was lunch time. If I was doing a 60 mile ride I would probably stop twice and on a 100 miles three times.


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All depends, MK cycles serve very good coffee, shortest route from home to there is about 20 Kms. On a good day I spin it out to 30 Kms, then over the top to Rivington and into Horwich, I have a cafe there which allows me to take the bike inside so I might have lunch, then if I'm feeling very lazy I may well stop at Costa in Bolton, just 8 Kms from home. Being retired, on a sunny day, I can easily manage three stops in a 60 Km ride.

Before my prostate surgery I stopped more frequently.............but only for a wee while..


If you do a longer ride than normal you might feel sore and tired the next day and extra stops might make no difference.


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That sort of length of ride would include lunch and/or coffee and cake, maybe shopping, a visit somewhere...not in a rush on a day out :okay:


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When you feel like it. I generally have one significant stop of at least 10 min on any ride, be it 30km or 200km where I get off and sit down for a bit. I need that as a nice punctuation mark.

I also stop when I feel like it, or when called upon by nature and then I'll have a stretch as well as something to eat. Plus post hill recovery stops if there are any really big hills. But I normally try to ride on for 15 min or so after the big hill to let my breathing calm down a bit before I stop. And then I might decide I don't need to stop after all.

And for photo opportunities too.

Oh yes, and shop stops to fill bottles, eat peanuts etc.
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On a ride of 36 miles or so, I would have one cafe stop in the middle for a snack - bacon sandwich, toasted teacake etc. Cafe to cafe is my style. I wouldn't stop otherwise unless I saw something interesting to gawp at.


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Before my prostate surgery I stopped more frequently.............but only for a wee while..
Given the frequency of my hedge-sprinkling on rides these days, I suspect that I am heading that way too...! :whistle:

If I am riding by myself I don't stop unless I have to; I certainly don't stop for 'a rest'. I might stop to refill a bottle, or eat a cereal bar, but otherwise I would just keep on going. I pace myself so I can keep riding at that level of effort.

If I have stopped for non-rest reasons I might take a few photos while I was at it, but normally I can't be bothered to dig my phone out of my bag. I used to carry a camera in a bar bag and stopped for more photo-opportunities then because I could stop, take the picture(s), and be moving again within a couple of minutes.

If I am in a group, we usually stop about every 50 kms (30-ish miles) for snacks and tea/coffee i.e. once on a 100 km ride, twice on a 100 mile ride and three times on a 200 km ride. If someone else was organising the ride then I'd do what everyone else was doing - within reason. I was telling someone recently about a 25 mile CTC ride with 3 cafe stops - that would do my head in!
Is it a coincidence that we have all these photographic threads
- bike in front of a gate
- bike in front of a memorial
- bike in front of anything at the top of a hill
Funny that isn't it?

Actually, as I use paper maps I have to stop to navigate, and my water bottle on the Xtracycle is in my bags, so what with stopping because I'm lost, drinking water, taking a pee, taking my coat off at the bottom of hills, putting it on again ten minutes later because I'm cold, and 'Photographic stops' it's a wonder I get anywhere at all, especially at the speed I ride...
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