New bike for my wife


The title sounds like its a fair swap?


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Very good @jefmcg has done about 20000kms on her 2012 avail 2

How tall is your wife? I had the same bike, a M and I'm 5'10 ish, jefmcg is around 5'6 on a Small


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Probably the small, but she needs to sit on them. I think jefmcg added a longer stem. Depends where your wife's height is
Yeah, mines a small, with a slightly longer stem. My height, oddly enough, is in my legs. But I think the small is still probably the right size for your wife.

Weird - Ash put sizes in cm, but Giant exclusively uses XXS, XS, S, M, L (for Avail).

Edit: according to Giant site, that model comes in XS, S, M, so i guess the 46.5cm is the Small
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