Odd factoids

Ming the Merciless

There is no mercy
Inside my skull
But only red cabbage as they're unionised

If only you’d gone for onionised!

Bonefish Blues

Banging donk
52 Festive Road
Even a quiet fart can be picked up by a sensitive conference phone, especially if you forgot to mute. :blush:


The world farting championships take place every 4 years in the appropriately-named town of Flatulence, Nebraska.

There are 3 solo competitions - Longest, Loudest and Smelliest - as well as an individual medley triathlon.

The competitors are required to move into the Fartympic Village two weeks beforehand and to ensure fairness, all must eat exactly the same diet.

Items such as cabbage, baked beans and pickled eggs are classed as performance-enhancing drugs, and are strictly banned.
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