Pinarello Dogma F12 vs. Lapierre Aircode SL700 Ultimate


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This is my selection from the ‘My Way’ which only shows an image of the bike with discs (regardless of brake type selection) .... it’s interesting that the discs are (as you said) much less noticeable because of the rim size ... I could live with those ... in fact I’d love to live with that bike …View attachment 559156
Just to make things slightly more complex:laugh: i think Dura Ace discs being black look better than the silver Ultegra, but easy enough to swap over once the first set is worn out
Colin Grigson

Colin Grigson

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You bought it yet?
I have to go through the motions of weighing up the pros and cons (my wife is watching me carefully :angel:) although in truth my mind is made up and it’ll be the F12 ... either the black one from stock ... or a little more on the ‘my way’ grey one I pictured .. I’ll update as soon as the deposit is paid ..


Hurry up. ^_^
Spending someone else's money on high end machines is fun isn't it, especially with no wife financial approval problems to overcome....:laugh:
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