1. Colin Grigson

    Pinarello Dogma F12 vs. Lapierre Aircode SL700 Ultimate

    I was about to hand over the readies for this F12 when my friend that owns my LBS offered this Lapierre .... if he wanted similar money for each I wouldn’t be seeking your advice / common sense. He’s offered the Lapierre to me at €3995 which is half of the €7995 asking price for the Dogma F12...
  2. netman

    WITHDRAWN: BMC Team Machine SLT02 and Pinarello Prince SL

    Testing the water as not convinced I want to sell these, but spend more time riding my steel frames, so they are just taking up space... 1. BMC Team Machine SLT02 - rare beast with carbon fork, stays and seat tube, chinese carbon wheelset badged as FF (alloy braking area) with Conti GrandPrix...
  3. G


    Hi there I was cycling in Mallorca on May and had this Pinarello on hire. I was really impressed with it. What model is it and is it discontinued? Is there an updated version of it if its discontinued? The 46 would normally be too small for me but it fit perfectly - is this something to do...
  4. woodbutcher

    Puzzled by saddles

    I have six bicycles available for me to ride, out of which l ride four regularly. They are all set up as well as l can for me and which one l choose to ride on any given day depends on the weather, the phase of the moon, my mood etc.etc. so they are all ridden regularly. Each bike has a...
  5. woodbutcher

    Pinarello Treviso

    Whats the verdict on this Pinarello model. Apart from the (to me) unappealing colour scheme ?
  6. woodbutcher

    Pinarello Asolo

    Keeping a eye on this one but lm not holding my breath
  7. IBarrett

    Pinarello Marvel opinions sought

    Morning CycleChat collective. I’ve got the chance to get a hardly used Pinarello Marvel and will test ride it soon. From its colour scheme it’s the 2014 model. I tried doing research on this bike but there seem to be hardly any reviews. Does anyone know why this might be - was it sold for a...
  8. DaveyM

    Pinarello gan disc

    I am looking for a disc road bike for next summer and am leaning towards this bike, unless you fine folk can suggest something else? Must be disc and road based up to around £2k and not mail order as I want to be able to see it for real before parting with that kind of cash. If anyone can...
  9. Tom B

    Pinarello Pista Pina for sale at Cash Convertors

    Far be it for me to judge, but I noticed that the local Cash Convertors have this for sale. Now a brakeless track bike I would imagine to be generally owned by a cyclist with a keen track...
  10. woodbutcher

    Pinarello again

    Now lve seen this it puts the white one into perspective ^_^
  11. dim

    Pinarello Veneto .... anyone ever owned one?

    I've just bought one of these .... Not the most sought after Pinarello, but I got it for a very good price and it's in good condition (and it's my size) ... I have 2 other really good bikes, which are my 'fast bikes' I will change the stem, the saddle and the handlebar tape (not sure with what...
  12. jdtate101

    FS: Pinarello FCX Cross Bike 56cm...£750

    Pinarello FCX Cyclocross bike, 56cm frame. This is the last production model that Pinarello made with Canti brakes (all current models are disc only). A lot of racers still prefer canti for the weight saving. The spec is as follows: 30HMK Carbon Frame and Fork 5800 105 11s rear mech CX70 top...
  13. U

    LVMH set to buy Pinarello

    Seems LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE) wish to move into sporting goods and are set to buy Pinarello. Wonder when a Moët et Chandon limited edition bike will appear?
  14. Sully

    Pinarello Razh Veloce

    Seen one of these for sale, right size, but more money than I'd hoped but what's your thoughts please ??? Not a racer, 45 yr old trying to keep fit, few Sportives and enjoying his cycling
  15. Elybazza61

    Pinarello Dogma 60.1 Dura-Ace di2 10spd (size 56).

    Not mine but a work colleague is selling his Dura-Ace equipped Dogma to fund motorcycle parts. Bought last year from Italy and barely used since;Cosmic wheels are new as is the Dura-Ace chainset and cassette. Also new are the Zipp bars and di2 switch. He's looking for £2700 but would accept...
  16. 2

    help with identifying a Pinarello frame set?

    Hi, can anyone help identify this pinarello frame? cheers
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