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Discussion in 'CycleChat Monthly Challenges' started by Rob S, 26 Dec 2007.

  1. The ice and snow had ( almost ) all gone. So I sneaked an imperial ton in. It started as a club ride, so the early pace was way too high for a typical LSD ride. I knew I was in trouble at about 80 miles, fuelling wise, but as luck would have it, just as I hit empty, there was a ‘one stop’ ( a small convenience type store) at the top of the hill. I managed to re stock my food supplies, and cracked on for the last leg. It’s a good job that shop was there, or it would have been game over. March ton done, that’s all the dark months finished, now for the lighter longer days
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    March is done, a largely undemanding circuit through the southern Cotswolds and the upper valley of the Bristol Avon. The remnants of huge snowdrifts were everywhere, of course, and much evidence of snowplough activity, but the only point where a road was impassable was a flooded railway bridge near Wootton Bassett. That spoilt things a bit - I'd carefully planned my route to be 131 miles, the smallest number where I don't have a GPS-recorded ride. The final distance was 133 miles, also a "new" number :smile:

    Apart from a few moments when the sun came through it still felt much more like winter than spring. But it was nice to finish in full daylight for the first time this year.
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  4. March done. Not been on my bike for three weeks and found to my shame that I didnt clean it after the Hell of the Ashdown. Oh well, it's really filthy now.

    I rode just over 100k of @Trickedem 's very pleasant forthcoming audax Medway Marvellous. I rode out to Eynsford to pick up the route and bailed at Nettlestead and made my way to Sevenoaks for the train home.

    There are still patches of snow on the North Downs (Pilgrims Way)
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    I was up nice and early yesterday to do my Century, only to discover that my bottom bracket had seized.

    Luckily I had a spare and I knew what I was doing. The first time I did this I ended up tightening the cups first and then had massive problems removing them. This time I was delayed for about 30 minutes. I was doing some route planning for the Audax I am organising in May, so this was a bit of a loopy sort of ride to try out some different roads.


    My route took me out on to the Isle of Grain. Fortunately the winds were kind to me this time. I then headed up into the North Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Hill!
    I had a quick coffee break at Lullingstone Country Park, which set me up for the rest of the ride. This was the first long ride for a few months when it has stayed dry and wasn't freezing cold. The sun even came out towards the end.
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    Barmy in Barming
    12 months is an RRTY in Audax terms
  11. Lilliburlero

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    South Derbyshire
    March`s ride done today with some wonderful geezers from Leicestershire and Lincolnshire :hugs:. I managed to run over my phone at 120 miles after my bar mount case fell off due to me not attaching it properly after the last cafe stop, but all was fine :blush:
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    Done, and done in again. A Hampshire loop- westerly so I had a tailwind on the return- via Winchester to Stockbridge, Andover, Whitchurch and then my usual route from there home. On the road at 8.30 and back home at 7.30, rolling average 10.3 mph. Don't know why, just had no oomph all day. Headwind definitely felt more than 11 mph, but I was barely faster heading back east. In the bag, at least.
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    Also got mine in yesterday. (Ride report) An undulating ride to Ludlow, Bishop's Castle, Montgomery and back. Blooming hard work and I can feel the effects of having done less mileage than intended over the winter.:heat:

    Hopefully better weather on the way and I can start making up for that.
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    It was you mentioning that some of last years imperial challenge riders were doing an RRTY that got me looking at it.
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  15. I’m guessing thats the ‘AUK’ thing. It all looks a bit confusing to me :wacko:
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