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40 new squares today saw the max cluster jump by 59 and the max square to 49x49
Rode up to Beverley to see the parents on Wednesday, with a short ride yesterday and a ride back down to Lincoln today I got 60 new squares and increased the max cluster by a whopping 2. A couple of rides between Lincoln and the Humber Bridge should see me get the max cluster right up to Beverley though

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2 weeks on holiday in Cornwall yielded 36 new squares total now 3922 . I have returned to the same place in Cornwall which is on the Coast so now appricate the difficulty of people living near the coast were you only have 3 directions of travel . Grabbed a couple of coastline squares with just a bit of headland sticking out into a square


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It's been 3 months since I did a ride with the goal of grabbing specific squares but today I did a 100km ride out towards Retford to target 15 squares.
Still need to do more work on the NW section of my Max Square.

Max Square 43x43, Max Cluster 2473 and 4666 squares in total.

Took advantage of the wind and headed to Newark, bagging 35 new squares and increasing the max cluster by another 34.

Had to go up this to get a square, was steep and stupidly gravelly. The square boundary is just around the top bend. I walked back down it.

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