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An imperial ton targeting some little clusters of squares gave me 17 squares but jumped my max cluster by 36 . Total squares 3493 max cluster 1722 . Poor @Supersuperleeds came with me and didn't get any new squares :laugh:
125 miles and didn't even get out of my max cluster :rolleyes:


St. Albans
I haven’t checked in for a while, but have been quietly working away at it. I had a great ride today to explore a few villages between Royston and Cambridge, 110 miles, 35 new tiles, some of which required flinging my road bike down bumpy byways. My cluster now reaches Duxford, and, finally, the 35x35 max square that I’ve had since January, has grown to 36x36! Just one planned tile missed, where a big angry looking gate has appeared since the Google car went that way. I’ll have to make another plan for that one.
27 new squares today which gave the max cluster a 50 square boost.

13 rider

I had 1 annoying square near the village of Teigh which was in my max cluster and completely surrounded by my max cluster . Had to ride down a rough bridle path to tick it off today so 1 square but max cluster up by 5 to 1727
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