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Square bashing around Tamworth on Friday got me to the milestone 20 by 20 square.
Max cluster 696 and total squares 4059.
50 new squares today, it should have been 52 but I missed two squares, I'm blaming the rain, I couldn't see my gps properly and the two squares were both very short jumps one way and then back. Those two squares stopped the max cluster increasing by 6.

Anyway the max cluster still jumped by 24. Now at 3,323 and total tile count 4,783. Max square still on 47x47


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near Hornsea
Weekend away in North Yorks has resulted in 128 new squares :smile: but no change to max square or cluster

13 rider

76 miles this morning along my northern edge taking in the suburbs of Nottingham and Derby gave me 40 new squares total now 3873 max cluster up by 13 to 1769 and most significantly max square increased by 1 to 34*34 . More work required on my northern edge which means more urban riding in Nottingham and Derby and southern edge which includes the M6 junction near Coventry ! .


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Finally got round to the first of the two rides I posted about early in the new year - linking up my main cluster of tiles in Buckinghamshire and the home counties to my smaller one in Central London. 29 new tiles, but only one added to my max cluster - it'll take a secondary ride to (or from) London on a parallel route some time in the future to make the number of tiles wide enough to allow the cluster to expand down it.
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