What have you bought for the bike today ?

Got a bright orange Specialized cycling jersey .$4 at Goodwill


Flouncing Nobber
...and a set of DT Swiss wheels for the Felt. The OE wheels were ok, but required constant spoke adjustment and it was becoming tiresome. I replaced them with Fulcrums, but they've been disappointing and aren't much better in their thirst for regular spoke twiddling. So I've given in, blown the dust off my Amex card and bought some top drawer wheels. If that doesn't do it I'll get the bus.

And before anyone asks, I'll demote the Fulcrums to the Pinnacle, which doesn't get so much use these days.


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West Sussex, UK
Another speed sensor for my other wheelset. Got fed up with erratic speed/distance/power data from just using GPS. Now I need to get the chalk and tape out to measure the true circumference.
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