What have you bought for the bike today ?


London, UK
I took a chance on some DHB Overshoes and merino glove liners from wiggle :wacko::wacko: Should arrive on Saturday and have their first outing on the SLR Monuments ride.


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South Manchester
Halfords have 20% off Stanley Tool boxes (add in BC discount for 30%) so I bought a very large tool box and a small one to fit inside. My tool collection has outgrown the current tool box. Also got a 'tool roll' for the various pliers/snips/wire cutters.

Picked up some 6x small Torx (T5-T10) screwdrivers which will be ideal for hydraulic brake services for £4 from my local DIY shop - bargain.


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early x mas prezzie from mrs ck as we went to ikea i mentioned i needed a new skid lid so i popped into decathlon


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What did you go for?I would be interested to see how you get on with them.
I went for the shimano mw5s in the end. There was a lot of internal debate about whether to go for the northwave raptor or these. The £90 price difference won out. Evans had the northwave for £130, but not in my size and couldn't/wouldn't order them in.
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