What have you bought for the bike today ?

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Never mind the expense....i just bought a bottle holder!


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Got a few bits from Planet X including.

Selle Italia Storica Saddle for £25, pretty sure these come from the same place as Spa Cycles saddles, bargain price.

Second of these stand pumps, mostly metal construction, bought one to leave at my work in the communal cycle store. £4.99

SKS Chroma plastic mudguards for the road bike, quick offering up looks like they should fit ok. This weekends job is to fit them and the new brakes.





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I am running 2 Garmins simultaneously on my bikes now (my cousin donated an Edge 500, which I use for ride stats; @Sharky donated an Edge 200, which I use for navigation). That means that I need a lot of mounts. I used up the ones I had and then bought some extras on Amazon and eBay.

I like these, which are handy if you have at least one spacer above your stem...


I picked that up for a couple of pounds on Amazon. That particular merchant seems to have stopped selling now but if you shop around you can still find them for under £3.

Here it is mounted on one of my bikes, together with an out-front mount which I found cheap on eBay direct from China (it took over a month to arrive!).


And now with the Garmins fitted...



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Few parts from SJS and eBay. Annoyingly had to buy the jockey wheels from Amazon, only other option was Bikester and after just ordering from there didn't want another p&p charge.


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