What have you bought for the bike today ?


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Brake pads from Superstar Components & lights from Planet X

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Full length mudguards are on there way. I did toy with the idea of half mudguards but the collected wisdom here seems to be that half guards are chocolate tea pot territory :okay:


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I’ve recently been needing new grips for my wheels, I live in a place where grips are necessary so mine are constantly wearing down. I swear I buy new grips every month, it’s a pain but anything for my cycling experience am I right guys? ^_^


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Not for the bike, but for me ON the bike...

I was in my local Aldi this evening and looking at their latest offers. I saw some 'work gloves' which look like they could be ok for wearing on the bike in chilly conditions. They might not be as good as proper cycling gloves but for a lot of my rides they will be perfectly adequate. Anyway, for the princely sum of... £1.99, it's not exactly a big risk! :okay:


The long cuffs will be good for keeping draughts out of my winter jerseys and the rubbery pads on the palms and fingers will be good for grip.

I only have moderately big hands but needed the XXL to fit. If you fancy a pair, definitely check the fit in the shop before buying.


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A cheap front mech from the Bay of E. My next build will either have a 44/34 chainset or a 34, in which case the front mech will be set up as a chainguide. 9 soeed 11-36 cassette with downtube levers, 531ST in a Celeste-ish powdercoat. It's my winter project, just to add to all the others...

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