What Have You Fettled Today?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by threebikesmcginty, 29 Sep 2011.

  1. JhnBssll

    JhnBssll Über Member

    I'm sure I could have nursed it home, and had I remembered to re-pack the cable ties it would have been a non event. As it happened I had no ties or tape and didnt want to risk further damage to the bike for what was essentially a leisure ride :okay:

    I think you'd need more than tape and cable ties to fix the resultant damage of drilling and bolting it though :laugh:
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  2. JhnBssll

    JhnBssll Über Member

    Just gave the Charge a wipe down, checked brakes, tires and gears and oiled the chain. All ready for the mornings commute :okay:
  3. DCLane

    DCLane Found in the Yorkshire hills ...

    Continued working on the Boardman AirPro black edition:

    - Re-fitted the front derailleur cable. It works but I'm not happy with it, so there'll be some adjustment
    - Fitted the chain
    - Adjusted the rear derailleur cable
    - Fitted the Raceblade Long mudguards and adjusted the brakes to fit
    - Added a bottle cage

    Still to do:

    - Decide on wheels and tyres
    - Adjust shifters to suit, then fit bar tape
    - Work out the best fit for me, then my 14yo - probably with a shorter stem for him

    If he can ride it then we'll put his Giant TCR on sale, along with his track bike and Cervelo frame. We've too many bikes to fit the storage and he's about outgrown the Giant.
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  4. Leaway2

    Leaway2 Guru

    Manchester (Sale)
    Washed the commuter bike yesterday ready for today's ride. I haven't ridden it since Chrimbo eve. I hadn't realised how dirty it was!
    As I was doing that I washed the "best" bike as well. mickled both the chains.
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  5. Vantage

    Vantage The dogs chew toy

    I fettled the brake pads today.
    After the racket they made yesterday I was sure they'd completely vaporised but nope, there's still just under 1mm on them. I'll get a few more miles out of them yet.
    In sanding them and realigning them, the bike moved forward. The bars turned. The bike fell back against the stair string and that caused the front wheel to shoot forward narrowly missing my googleberries. In hitting the string the airzound went off deafening me, causing me to drop the brake pad insert pin and woke the kids. Perfect.
    New inserts been ordered although I have some 'just in case'
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  6. LeetleGreyCells

    LeetleGreyCells Reinvented for 2019 - Formerly RealLeeHimself

    Thanks for the comedy, I could imagine the slapstick sketch happening as I read the above :laugh:
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  7. A fettling fail for me today :-( Tried to take the dumb left crank arm off to swap it with one with a PM and the clamp bolt nearest to the frame came off easy but the outside bolt is seized solid after just two weeks. I think I've rounded it a bit now :-( It could be I've been too liberal with the bike cleaning spray (before was just wipes and its never happened). I'm trying soaking it in GT85 but as I've started to round it I'm not hopeful, might be a trip to the lbs tomorrow :-/
  8. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    Hardly a fettle, but I enjoyed it.

    Two neighbours kids passed me yesterday.

    1) " are you coming out on your bike "

    2) " I've got flat tyres , daddy is out and Mummy has got false nails on "

    Had to stop myself laughing , then get my pump out.
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  9. DCLane

    DCLane Found in the Yorkshire hills ...

    Boardman AirPro black edition progress:

    - front derailleur fettled and working nicely
    - rear derailleur adjusted
    - shifters adjusted to suit both of us
    - shorter stem fitted and seatpost adjusted to fit my 14yo nicely
    - bar tape fitted. I found some Selle Italia Corsa Gel Smootape which is a nice black with gold flecks at the back of the bike bits stand

    Just to sort out a suitable wheel/tyre combination tomorrow and we're done. The current wheelset's a Superstar Components red pair and they don't suit - I've some Mavic Aksium's needing minor repair and they will probably be used instead when fixed. Photo's to follow.

    Oh, and because it fits him well his Giant TCR can go on sale sooner than planned :okay:.
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  10. DCBassman

    DCBassman Basses or Bikes? Hmmm...

    New Wellgo LU987U pedals fitted to the Trek 800.
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  11. Jenkins

    Jenkins Guru

    Having done about 100 miles since changing the bottom bracket & chainrings on the main commuter, just a quick trip round with the allen keys re-tightening all the bolts now they've settled in.
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  12. C R

    C R Über Member

    New tube and tire on the rear wheel. Lets hope this one does the trick.
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  13. DCLane

    DCLane Found in the Yorkshire hills ...

    Swapped my 14yo's track gearing from 52x16 (done on Monday from 51x16) to 49x15 for a practice tomorrow on his new Langdale track bike.
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  14. Hopey

    Hopey Well-Known Member

    Dunno if this counts but got a cheap bike computer for Christmas and set it up today. Don't like having finicky things like that attatched to the bike, but it could be useful. Will take it up the Pentlands tomorrow to see if it survives the bumps.

    Also lowered my seat by 1 mm.
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  15. beepbeep

    beepbeep Well-Known Member

    new turbo trainer tyre fitted...eventually.....it put up a good fight but I won in the end.
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