What Have You Fettled Today?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by threebikesmcginty, 29 Sep 2011.

  1. Alwaysbroken

    Alwaysbroken Well-Known Member

    As a father of four, I cleaned and re-lubed the chains of 14 bikes, cycled the shocks of 5 mtb’ s through their stroke to keep the seals lubed, put a new saddle on my wife’s cafe racer as I stole hers for my pathracer build & re-routed it’s cables to clean it up now it’s near completion.

    During this I partook in a nice fresh ground coffee.

    Now having a couple Hob Goblins sitting on the sofa making a couple of final adjustments to my undercarriage.
  2. DCBassman

    DCBassman Veteran

    As you do...
  3. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    Fitted the new XT crankset 2x11 from the 1x11.
    New front pull slx mech and shifter.

  4. YukonBoy

    YukonBoy Extra solar

    Ultima Thule
    My fitness via a wee ride
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  5. kiwifruit

    kiwifruit Well-Known Member

    Service a sticky mavic freehub again, twice in about 3 months. Don't know why it keep sticking as I haven't been out much in the wet.
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  6. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    Don't use grease in them! Light oil does the job and doesn't gunge them up. Mine has been running fine since I did that 6 or 7 years ago.
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  7. kiwifruit

    kiwifruit Well-Known Member

    I have been using shimano hydraulic mineral oil.
  8. Changed out the Italian Universal center pull brakes on the Corso for some vintage Mafac Racers, which have better adjustability and greater stopping power.
    I also added a little T shaped tang I had hanging around the brake parts drawer. It is made to keep a Pletscher rack from sliding down the seat stays. Had no idea what it was for, until I got a Pletscher rack and added it to the Corso.
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  9. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    In that case, I don't know why it keeps sticking either! :laugh:
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  10. DCLane

    DCLane Found in the Yorkshire hills ...

    Son's new Langdale track bike needed an extra chain link putting on for 52/16 - only the chain wasn't playing ball. So we fitted a new chain with 2 links just in case. Much easier.

    Then sorted out the Boardman Airpro's mudguards which worked fine with Schwalbe One tyres but Conti GP4000S' must be taller - so fettling needed there.

    Added some new carbon paste to the seatpost on the Giant TCR we're selling so it looks cleaner.

    Oh, and now trying seatpost bolts and clamps from stock for the Ridley Damocles in the hope that one fits ... the ones from the tiny Kuota seatpost did. I knew it'd come in handy one day ^_^ . Then removed the very stiff bottom bracket - just need to sort out the stuck/drilled/broken off brake bolt in the forks now and it's ready to be dealt with.

    Just another day ...
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  11. rogerzilla

    rogerzilla Guru

    Fitted a new master link to the commuting fixie. The silly KMC "snap on" connector I bought was slightly too narrow for the chain and caused a stiff link, even though it's a KMC 1/8" connector on a 1/8" KMC chain. I bought a job lot of traditional three-piece master links (these are also re-usable; the snap-on links aren't, which is why I bought a new one) and all is well now. The thought of a chain coming apart at 150rpm is too horrible to contemplate; you're lucky if it doesn't wrap itself around the rear wheel and the chainstay, trashing the rear end.
  12. Alwaysbroken

    Alwaysbroken Well-Known Member

    Bit of final fettling today on my “pathracer” build, I’m not sure what it is now to be fair as it’s a mix of ideas.

    So I’ve tidied the cable routing, cut a wine crate up to fit on the back & decided to re-fit the chain guard as it came up so well.

    Put a few miles on it & im amazed how well it handles for an old gas pipe town bike.

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  13. JhnBssll

    JhnBssll Über Member

    That's stunning, lovely job :okay:
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  14. dave r

    dave r Dunking Diddy Dave Pedalling Pensioner

    Holbrooks Coventry
    The thought that that could happen scares the crap out of me.
  15. dave r

    dave r Dunking Diddy Dave Pedalling Pensioner

    Holbrooks Coventry
    That looks lovely.
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