What Have You Fettled Today?


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Went out for a ride,
FinisheD the ride,
put the bike on the roof...
Went under a height restriction barrier, Removed the bike,
Removed the bike from the road.
Removed the bottom of the tube Pringle from between the front forks.
Saw damage to fork.. Swore.
Came home...
Put tyre on spare (bit actually newly refurbished preferred wheel)
Was amazed wheel actually still fitted between forks...
Looked at ding in fork
Fell over dog...
Noticed rear axle or QR appeared bent (eccentric motion when tightening QR)
Remembered that might nit be new and wondered why my wheels had QR skewers in and not my security type.
Put bike away.
Made tea...
Had a bath and Put lad to bed
Came down stairs posted to cycle chat about dings in alu on the maintainance section.
Dog look at me, sat up middle of living room and did a dump on the carpet

Fml as I believe the kids say

**There may have been more swearing / swearing edited for brevity.
:laugh: Sounds like your day has been suboptimal :laugh: Hope the damage isnt too severe :okay:


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Fitted forks, steerer, bars and seat and wheels to a new recumbent frame.

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Stripped, greased and adjusted the hubs on two new rear wheels for the knockabout bike. It's a precaution I take on new cheap wheels and I'm glad I did as although there was lots of grease splurged into the hubs, almost none of it was actually on the bearings.:wacko:

Just need to get tyres swapped round and once again I have a choice of wheelsets ready for whatever the winter brings.

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Got the Bianchi assembled, only to find I have a pull to the left when riding. So I'll have to check the fork and headset Wednesday. This bike had been single speeded, then I now think it was in an accident before being given to the co-op. I think, at worst, that it may require a swap out of fork and headset. And it seems like a lot of mid-1980's Bianchis have newer forks.
Found, other than the clothes washer is kaput, that the Bianchi has one fork more angled than the other, quelle surprise, so I am going to the co-op to see if they have what I need, as my own stock does not appear to have an acceptable substitute. Then I can straighten the Bianchi fork at leisure. The washing machine was actually easier to replace. I walked into Home Depot, found a clothes washer, and told the salesman I wanted it delivered at the earliest possible convenience, paid and walked out, 7 minutes. I had already shopped online, as Mrs. GA had given me her requirements. So I fettled six loads of laundry simultaneously at the laundromat near where I work this afternoon, because it's the nicest laundromat in town.

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So I fettled six loads of laundry simultaneously at the laundromat near where I work this afternoon, because it's the nicest laundromat in town.
When was young, so much younger I used to take my washing to the laundrette initially because it was easier than listening to my mother going on with herself. Then because the girl who worked there in the evenings was worth watching and made a decent brew.

Because my washing was 90% work uniform I even got the cost back from petty cash. I guess that's the benefit of being in charge of the petty cash.

Now I still enjoy the occasional luxury of a service wash, just the attendant is now more of a Dot Cotton type.

Slightly more back on topic,

Wee-ride kiddie seat fettled to FS MTB for emergency commuting use. It's a Pita to keep putting on and off twice a day.
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Fettling laptops. Recently rescued an aging but perfectly serviceable Dell laptop from the dump. Have finally figured out how to get Win 10 on it, and it will become my backup machine.
Also an Asus to revive for a friend. Then put the good bits from my previous backup into the Dell, primarily a Solid State Drive.
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