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My ride today was supposed to be a pleasant run along the cycle path from Paisley down to the Ayrshire coast.
I didn't even get to Paisley.
7 miles in , on a bright clear day a driver decided to take a right turn into my front wheel. Slow motion stuff. I came off slowly , soft landing but my front wheel was mangled.
Driver was very apologetic, didn't see you etc and offered to pay for any damage.

I turned back to the city centre walking and dragging my bike.
Cycle Republic in Glasgow were great. Found a better quality wheel, not new but as good as, supplied, fitted and bike checked all for £30.

I went for breakfast in the pub while I was waiting, then was able to cycle home.
Had hoped to do 60+ miles, but settled for 12.
Bikes fixed and I have a tiny graze on my knee.
Glad you are Ok but don`t you just hate that expression " I did`nt see you" ? That`s what they all say but meaning "I did`nt look properly". Hope you can get out for that 60 miler soon.
My ride today was supposed to be a pleasant run along the cycle path from Paisley down to the Ayrshire coast.
I didn't even get to Paisley.
7 miles in , on a bright clear day a driver decided to take a right turn into my front wheel. Slow motion stuff. I came off slowly , soft landing but my front wheel was mangled.
Driver was very apologetic, didn't see you etc and offered to pay for any damage.

I turned back to the city centre walking and dragging my bike.
Cycle Republic in Glasgow were great. Found a better quality wheel, not new but as good as, supplied, fitted and bike checked all for £30.

I went for breakfast in the pub while I was waiting, then was able to cycle home.
Had hoped to do 60+ miles, but settled for 12.
Bikes fixed and I have a tiny graze on my knee.
Oh poo.

Glad you are ok and that bike has been mended. Hope you're not too sore come the morning xxx


Had to take the car in to Ipswich for intake valve work as part of a recall by Mazda (free of charge) so stuck a bike in the boot intending to do a bit of riding around the back roads to the north for a couple of hours while the work was being done. No chance - got out of the dealer's, saw some dark clouds and checked the rain radar app which showed the first of the day's downpours beginning exactly where I wanted to go. I ended up just riding home via Felixstowe, having a mug of coffee & a slice of toast then back to collect the car.

Back to work tomorrow - it's due to be dry for the first time in a while, but I'll believe that when it happens.


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Coín, Málaga
Guess who is back after recovering his password?? Yeah me! Totally forgot the password and the e-mail I used when created this account but at dinner table somehow I remembered the e-mail.. Here I am back!! And with a HUGE REPORT! Enjoy..!

The Tesselaar Bunch Report:

A group of Dutchies came to Malaga to play with us and here it is how it went down.
One of the guys was here before, in the area, not with us as a company and he liked it. He started doing some research and found US! He liked the prices, the bikes and the area. Now let me show you a bit of what we did with them.
Friday, we went to pick them up to the airport and brought them to the B&B that they chose in the area of Alhaurin El Grande where the bikes were waiting for them already. After unpacking and setting up the bikes to everyones needs we headed out for a quick snack before heading out to test every thing.

Day 1 – Testing Day – 66 km and 1000 mts of climbing

The bunch + Wim (the boss)


The guys learning the best place to hide in the peloton is…


Day 2 – Almogia Loop! – 111 km and 1500 mts

This is a loop that I came up with a few years back and is truly amazing! The climb is not that hard and can be done at a good pace depending on skill.

Here is a point that I tell everyone be ready to look in front… And voila!


We give them some downhills so they don’t suffer all the time..


They were very happy with the way we handled the different skill levels, Wim is somewhere at the front and I am… Well taking the picture..


Day 3 – Trip to the beach Plus Extras! 95 km and 1600 mts
As per usual before heading down to the beach we have to go up


This is something I came up with as we were riding… (showing my sprinting ability up the hill LOL)
Was worth it..! I really like this shots!




One more at the next exit/bridge


One of my favourite spots to take a pic




Day 4 – Final BIG Loop! – 130 km and 2000 mts of climbing!

The sign says Mountain road with 9% slopes


Cool shot!

A switch back in the middle of nowhere..

And to close the report a sort of selfie.. With a nice view.

So they rode 400 km and climbed 6000 meters over their holidays!

Amazing 4 days for them and us as well!


Holodeck 2
First 'authorised' ride out since seeing the orthopod the other week. An easy, slow 13.5 miles to Yelverton roundabout and back.
I went up the steep Leg O'Mutton track, not all in one go, but without walking. I'll take that as a plus! Astoundingly unfit...
Grenofen Tunnel looking south. There's a dog walker and two cyclists in that picture...

Gem Bridge in the sunshine

There's fettling needed to the front mech, it was all over the place.
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Heart of Suffolk
After 5 days break from cycling,as we were in Wales and came home early I was able to have a lovely sunny ride this morning. It was the coolest I have encountered since the spring but I wrapped up accordingly. Half the trouble is knowing how cool you will feel on the bike as looking at the outside temperature alone does not tell the whole story. I decided on my Rattlesden, Felsham, Drinkstone route and it was pretty quiet traffic wise. The only fly in the ointment was the fact that Finborough Road in Stowmarket is closed so pushed more traffic through Combs and Combs Lane. Why is it that because of the detour the morons drive faster ? I had two close passes on the way out, BMW and a Merc playing follow the leader. On the way back I was overtaken by this monster of a low loader who had X-ray vision as he could see around bends, he only held the traffic up at Combs anyway ! He certainly should have been reported but I was concentrating too much to get his number but then, what`s the point ?
One side note on my cycle. As I approached Rattlesden I was aware that there was a vehicle behind me and it was keeping back and sometimes people do this if they will shortly be turning off ( sensible drivers). At Rattlesden it was still behind me and I pulled over at a junction to let it pass. I got the most lovely smile and wave from the passenger as the Reliant Robin passed me, in all fairness it was`nt going much faster than me once it passed !
Felsham had me me smiling as well. As I came in to the village I saw a chap walking with this rather large dog or so I thought. As I passed him I had to have a second look to see what breed this large dog was. That was no dog, it was a sheep on a lead.Perhaps he should have gone to Specsavers ! Honestly the things that us cyclists see on a ride. The ride ended at 24.2 miles at a 17.2mph pace with a temperature of 8 degrees but felt lovely in the sunshine. That was a lot better than the dreadful weather encountered yesterday driving back from Wales.
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Quedgeley, Glos.
Had to take advantage of a gap between weather systems to get out there and put in some miles today. Set off out through the Severnside villages, stopping first outside the Anchor Inn at Epney to watch the tide sweeping upstream:

Then high-tailed it through Frampton and Cambridge (no, not that Cambridge) and Lower Wick. Then came Damery Woods (which is somewhere behind the M5 Michaelwood Services, though you would never know it). A lovely peaceful place where I often hear woodpeckers at work:

My turning point was one of my favourite café stops at the Tortworth farm Shop café:

Getting there involved counting my way through gritted teeth up a nasty little 13% hill, but it was worth it for the spicy parsnip & apple soup and roll, and the great views of the Cotswold escarpment and the Tyndale Monument at North Nibley:

Made it back in good time to pick up Mrs D from work. 41.2 nice sunny miles and zero stress.
Cheers, Donger.
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Old jon

Another morning with blue sky! Mind, it was chilly out there so I believed the phone, which told me three degrees. Gloves and top layer chosen to suit this, and it worked!
Some route planning ( fancy term for thinking where shall I go? ) had been put into today’s ride, which does not alter the first mile and a bit of riding. But I did change my mind a couple of times before I rode under the wings on Water Lane, water wings maybe? They are not the flying variety. Anyway, original plan so cross the Aire and pedal up to Oakwood and the clock it pinched from Leeds’ Market. For once, turn left there. Puff and pant past the posh gates of Roundhay Park and further on along Street Lane to Harrogate Road, the A61. Cross the Ring Road, for more than two years this junction has been in the process of ‘improving’. Today for the first time I saw the cycle path and some of the decoration around it. Wonder how much longer this might take. Keep going past the mansions and the school, fields appear and soon the left turn to Eccup and the reservoir.

Actually, the reservoir is first and the village after, if you keep your eye on the road surface it is a pleasant ride between the two. Take the left fork at the south end of the village and ride along Eccup Moor Road to Five Lane Ends. Turn right does not tell anyone much at the joining of five roads, head towards Arthington via Golden Acre Park sounds well. But after less than a mile turn left to pedal down Kings Road to Bramhope. This is the A660, turn right and ride along to the lights at the Dyneley Arms where another right turn means spinning down Pool Bank, always fun on the fixed. Turn onto the valley road, the legs were feeling tired by the time I reached Otley and the maypole there is handy to stop for a munch.
Leeds Road still goes uphill from here, this morning the temperature dropped sharply once I rode past the edge of town. The whole distance to the final Z bend is shaded from the sun. Mind, the views were pretty marvellous today. Back through Bramhope, indeed stay on the A660 now all the way to Headingley. On the way I saw a large group of riders, twenty or more. Most of them seemed to be a similar age to myself, shame they were travelling away from Leeds, I could have asked questions. It was good to turn off the busy road in Headingley to ride down to Kirkstall. Cross the river there, it seems higher than normal, and find the canal towpath which takes me back to Water Lane. A bit of a meander through a small corner of Hunslet points me in the right direction for home. Pulled up outside the house, thirty four and a smidgeon miles and a shout from behind me. I had just ridden past my infinitely better half. Easy smile and quite a ride.

Funny shapes the roads make,


twentysix by twentyfive

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Over the Hill
Mrs 26 and I rode over to the meet taking the Tunnel Hill dodge as the lower lane was flooded. Jules H was there and Margaret PR soon arrived. We headed off through the school with the floods rising. It won't be long till the road is cut. Down on the Hams the the waters hadn't reached that far down river so all clear. Mrs 26 and Margaret stopped at the Trioscape but Jules and I headed on through the lanes to Flaxley and Mitcheldean. Just a downhill run to Longhope.
While in the cafe Ben and Sheila F turned up. Lots of catch up chat ensued. Jules and I took Barrel Lane beneath May Hill to loop onto the Linton Ridge. The views were amazing with Clee Hill showing well. Must be as least 50 miles. The run back by Kempley and Dymock is fairly straightforward. We stopped at an orchard to sample a windfall. Very nice too. Then just our standard route back to complete a very pleasant ride. 70 smiles


I had nothing planned today other than a few miles to the dentist.
My Mrs asked me to go across Glasgow to Thornliebank to drop something off. Mucked up writing the address down , but it was an 18 mile round trip on a nice day.
Back in Maryhill in time to join Free Wheel North and @Pat "5mph" for a pleasant trip down the Kelvin and over the Clyde to Pollokshields.
This evening eventually managed to get the address right for the morning drop off.
52 miles , no speed , but a lovely day.

Pat "5mph"

A kilogrammicaly challenged woman
@Andy in Germany that graph is sooo cool, what program did you make it with?

I have changed jobs, my new commute is a meager 3 mile round trip 😟
Truly, by the time I lock and unlock the bike, change out of likely wet clothes, I'm quicker walking.
I must find a way to up the miles ^_^
Today I joined the same ride as @pjd57, which involves 7 miles for me to get to the meet, including a short, steep climb to the Forth and Clyde canal that left me half collapsed, as usual :laugh:
The day started frosty, at around 1C, then it got really hot.
A wee bimble from the canal to the south side of the city, then onto the riverside, where I left the ride to turn east.
Popped into FreeWheel North at the Green to say hi, then visited @flyingfifi at her work in the Rutherglen bike hub.
A nice 22 mile cycle, but I must try harder to keep the miles up now that I've got more time off!
At Speirs Warf, top of the city:

This bit of stagnant water is really murky, but the ducks don't care!
Below, a view of the city from the climb to the canal.

A lovely day now that the temperature has risen a good bit: riders gathering at the meeting point.

Our stop for a cuppa, a reclaimed community space that used to be a bowling ground.

The main reason for me joining this ride, was to give one of the ride leaders a rooted cutting ... ah, the things us girls carry in our panniers ... :whistle:
I gave her this - which grew from cuttings I took on another bike ride while visiting the botanic gardens:
She gave me this wee yucca plant from one of her cuttings.
Mind, not in this pictured terracotta pot, I transplanted it when I got home, I don't think my Ortliebs would have managed the weight :laugh:
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