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My first ride report in a while, for reasons I won't go into here. I have been getting some rides in, just not reporting on them.

Anyhow, out at about half 8 and up onto Coal Road, where the roadworks are still going on - I hope they're planning to sort the new tarmac out as the section I rode on this morning was more suited to an MTB!
Anyway, a sprint along the A58 then the quiet way into Shadwell, before descending back through the village and over the A58 again to take Carr Lane to Thorner.
It had been bright up to this point, but around Thorner it got a bit misty / murky and the temperature noticeably dropped. Up Milner Lane onto the ridge, through Rigton Green and then Bramham Lane between the fields. From there I just followed my nose as the road names changed but the direction didn't and almost before I knew it I was in Bramham. Down the hill and up the other side and looped round the top of the village to head out towards Toulston. Right before the school and eventually over the A64, then the drop down into Stutton, where Cock Beck (or is it the River Cock here?) has burst it's banks and is already flooding the fields and seemed very near to topping the road over the bridge.
Up the hill on the A162 and left at the top for the long run to Ulleskelf, with more flooded fields on either side of the road, through the village and out through Ozendyke and into Ryjter, where the road on to Cawood was closed due to flooding - no bacon butty at Mrs B's Lakeside cafe for me today then!
I was able to take a right onto Mill Lane and head the back way to Church Fenton, between the fields and then around the airport. Through the village and over the railway to Barkston Ash, then on to Saxton where my legs told me it was time for a break and something to eat.


On to Lotherton Gates and then Aberford, before the ups and downs to Barwick where the sun finally broke through the murk, then Scholes and down the hill onto local roads up to home.

37.07 miles (59.65 km) in 2h 44m at an average of 12.7 mph with 1,738 ft climbed

Good to get the October ride banked for the half century challenge, but a bit worrying to see all that flooding so early in the season and with Storm Lorenzo due in just a few hours... Surprisingly chilly too - I thought I'd layered accordingly but I definitely felt it today.
Lots of cyclists out too, some even said hello.

And to end, the map:
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Good gang at the meet. Jules H, Steve E, Pete M, Rob A, Rich B, John G and me. Steve called Deerhurst so off through the school where a parents' day seemed to be happening. Round by Tirley and over Haw Bridge revealed a river a bit swollen but not seriously so. Deerhurst came but we carried on to Tewkesbury and our favoured cafe at The Mythe. June P was there so it was a good chance to catch up.
Rob and John headed off up the main road while we all went by the white rabbit. A pint at the new pub on the Guarlford road was mooted. Pete had to get back but 4 of us were up for that. Just a little way back for me after that.
Plenty of chat on this one for sure. 43 smiles


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As I mentioned in previous comments I was a man in a mission today looking at doing it faster then last year, in order to do that I had to do the 130 km and 3500 meters in less than 6 hours.
My plan to accomplish this was to do every climb at 300W or a bit more if possible.
But before you know if I did it or not here are some pics from the day:
Getting ready for the day!

The start:

Some of the guys:

Thumbs up as usual: (look at the climb and road surface!!)

And after that pic I had a mechanical..
I was already looking for the brum wagon because I thought my ride was over.. The wheel at that moment was completely messed up or so I thought, thats it was in my head, there is no way I can make it straight.. Sitting on the side of the road I spinned the tire one more time to see if there was a broken spoke or lose one… Was then when I realized that it wasn’t the wheel the problem but the tire!! Some how the inner tube pushed the tire off the rim and was a bubble there.. That was the problem! Took the air out, mounted the tire back up on the rim put air and started rolling again.. Lost some 15 minutes more or less…
After that one I put the camera away, my head down and start chasing everyone.. Most of the peloton had passed and even lots of cars were ahead of me now.
At the end of the ride my buddies enjoying the paella..!

And me saying well done!

So if are wondering it I did beat my time or not…
You will have to click here and see
Just kidding!
Mission accomplished!

Chris Doyle

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Nipped out early doors this morning for a cheeky ride and to get over the line for October’s Metric Half century challenge. I’ve been sucked into the murky world of Veloviewer square chasing you see, and once signed up it became quickly apparent I’d missed a few local squares, so I set off to nab those little stragglers!
The first one was a gated road in Market Bosworth which was flooded at the Sutton Cheney end and I was greeted by a displeased, hissing Mother Goose and her goslings. Once that obstacle was overcome, I grabbed another one at Higham on the Hill and two more bridging Nuneaton and Hinckley. Once them little beauties were in the bag, I ventured along familiar flat and gently rolling roads towards home. 38.5 early miles, having to get home for half past 9 at the latest. Cool but bright weather and no wind made it very pleasurable indeed. Having checked my veloviewer on reflection it would appear I could have picked up another square in Hinckley that I failed to spot during my planning.

Ah well, looks like another trip out that way to finish the job!!
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Just out 'pottering' today, & taking a few various photographs

I was riding towards Castleford, along Whitwood Common Lane (A655). & came across this 'wheel-eater' outside the Rising Sun Inn
It's just before the traffic-lights, that form the junction with Whitwood Lane


I didn't hit it, just stood the bike in for a size comparison, during a traffic-free moment
I have no doubt, it would have had seriously consequences

Thankfully, for riders, it's too far out for a reasonably ridden bike

Reported, as soon as I got home, via

It's practically at the end of the railings, in line with the 'sandwich board'
Wow, that's some view @G3CWI

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Winchcombe Falling Leaves Audax

This hilly event starts from Winchcombe at the foot of the Cotswold escarpment. 62 intrepid riders lined up at the start. Jonathon O was one of them. I'd ridden round the Chartists to the Marches event with him last month. We climbed the steep escarpment from the off. The hills kept coming too but riding on quiet lanes through the woods was beautiful. It seemed like an age getting to Daglingworth for elevenses. Things got easier but the wow factor was still present as we rode through stunning Cotswold villages undiscovered by tourists. Bourton on the Water was however quite busy with tourists. We finished the ride taking a rough road from Temple Guiting to the escarpment edge from where the views out over the Severn and Avon valleys were amazing. Just the drop off the edge back to HQ and some well deserved soup, tea and cake left to complete a superb route. 65 smiles and 5300 feet of up (and down). I'll sleep well tonight.


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Recovery ride!!
I am sure I could have done something shorter and easier.
I am getting lots of thumbs up lately


You see what I am saying?


Female presence for a change! Meet Ester!


Salvi (one legged man) Remember him?


Today’s bunch..


Recovery time, true recovery time..


Recovery ride! Strava link.

By the way with this ride I went to 500 km for the week and 9000 of climbing.. Oh that is meters!!

Beer earned!
White clouds wandering around a blue sky. And its October. It would be daft not to take advantage of this. Off with the fixed I go.
Four weeks ago I rode south ( ish ) to Castleford, I have just checked. Sometime during my pedal around Holbeck I decided to go in the same direction today, possibly because my four week old memory reminded me that the roads were pretty flat out that way. OK, if thirty three miles and 1600 feet of up is flat, so much for my memory. Riding through Hunslet, aye, but to escape what was once a hive of industry there is that climb to John o’ Gaunts. From there, down to Oulton and a left onto the A639, yeah, pretty much flatlands all the way through Mickletown to Castleford. Three or four miles of flat does increase my speed a bit. By the time I reached the bridge, which the sign says crosses the Aire, I was ready to slow down a bit. Easy, ‘cos the uphill starts again here.
It is about five miles, some of it steep enough to wish it would stop sooner. But it does not. A bit less gradient here and there, passing by Allerton Bywater and Ledston, with Kippax away on the left. After Peckfield Bar things do level out nicely, this stretch of road is often busy though. Ride past the right turn for Micklefield, loads of traffic, but a little further on is another right turn and a deserted road. Turn there for a view of Hook Moor windfarm.

And the road to Lotherton Gates. As I type this, there is a large map on the wall behind me, centred on this postcode. A forty kilometre square of the surrounding area, reduced to hang on a wall. It is pretty good. But I cannot find another way back home from those blasted gates on it. Not one I would like to ride, anyway. So turn left to Aberford, over the ridge and down under the A1 M. In warmer months that is a very busy road indeed. Not so much in October. Turn right once Main Street is reached, then left onto Cattle Lane. There is at least one bus service uses this, who found himself in front of a bus? It is not a wide road from here to Barwick and it twists and turns a bit. A rare occurrence of sense, I stopped and waved it past ( bus, not sense ) and waited till it was well in front.
That last climb to Barwick was not easy. Before reaching the maypole there was a sign warning of a road being closed. Just keep on pedalling, out of Barwick and a ride up through Scholes all the way to the A64, York Road hereabouts. Left, then right and feel the wind for the first time. Turn left onto Skeltons Lane and feel the wind even more. Never mind, the A58 Wetherby Road is close, down that hill and further into Leeds. Back across the River Aire at Crown Point Bridge again, from here it is a couple of miles and I am home. And so was our lass, to welcome me back and make me smile. Great way to end a good ride.

A map, more where I have not been . . .



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Today was a ride with D&D from Planet Velo bike shop in Scotland

D&D are the owners of a bike shop there and decided to come to Coin for a ride, they look us up and that is how we got in contact with each other.

They rented some of our bikes and we took them out for a ride (free of charge) so show them how nice the roads are and for them to get to know the area a bit better.

So here we go with the pictures from today…

Out of town and into the more rural roads the views are like this:


Sierra de las Nieves was declared a Natural Reserve by the European Union and we ride all around it


The views of this area speak for themself.


As you can see traffic is not an issue here either


One of the best rewards I get out of this job is to see the smiling faces


I like to speed ahead at times to be able to take this shots


Our rides always include coffee stops and drinks if they wish to.. Today was not an exception as we stop for coffee and some sweets, no pics from the stop but before we head back to Coin i was able to take this nice shot of everyone cresting over the hill….


By the time we got back to Coin it was a classic 70 km loop with 1000 meters of climbing with lots of smiles and happy faces.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring us??


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Out to Otley today to see a pal who has been going through the wars just recently. After a knee replacement op he was sort of stranded at the top of a hill, unable to drive and no bus service. Added to that he has developed a heart problem as well. So we have been keeping him provided for in a small way by us cooking extra and supplying frozen meals ready to heat and eat.
Rather than drive on a nice sunny day I took the bike with my backpack containing the frozen goods. Surprisingly heavy.

Out via Shadwell, where I dropped in to see a mate and then on to Bramhope and down into Otley and a climb up to where my pal lives.
Coffee , sandwich and a chat and I set off home again a couple of hours later.
Rather than go through Otley again I went via Farnley, and Pool taking Arthington Lane towards Harewood.
I had four choices to get back up from the bottom of Wharfedale
Creskeld Lane, Black Hill Road, Weardley or Harewood Bank.

Black Hill Road and Weardley involved steep climbs and being on fixed I knew either would be out of the question.
Harewood Bank is slow but managble on fixed but who wants to grind up a hill with cars and trucks roaring past every few seconds.
So Creskeld Lane sort of chose itself.
It's a winding, narrow, steep climb of about a mile, a lot of it under the tree canopy. Fortunately very few cars so while it was a bit of a trudge getting to top it was at least quiet and the air was fresh.
From there it was up King Lane, around Eccup Reservoir, which was being whipped into wavy frenzy by the wind, and back home via Slaid Hill.
The wind took its toll outwards and back home. Always in my face it seemed. So I was more than pleased to get back.

All in 31.6 miles and 2000ft of upness.

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