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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. delb0y

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    Quedgeley, Glos
    Lovely photo! Well, all of them, but that one especially!
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    Thank you
  3. Yesterdays plan went awry because Beautiful Daughter woke up too early.

    The Plan was to get up early and take the randonneur bike our for a longish test having finally (I think) got the headset to behave.

    Unfortunately for this plan, Beautiful Daughter went and woke up before I did*, and decided she wanted to come too, so a 'test ride on the Rando bike' became 'Tour with Beautiful Daughter on the Xtracycle'.

    Such is life.

    We tried to learn map reading. Notice all important chocolate.


    We followed a route I've written about before, and stopped for a picnic in a village, next to this church.


    And then because we were only half way around the planned loop and time was passing, we cut the loop short and headed back over the hills. Thank goodness for low MTB gearing.

    There's a castle over there. Honest.


    Looking the other way, we can see our village in the distance. Unfortunately there's a valley in the way so it wasn't all downhill from here. Beautiful Daughter getting a bit tired**.


    I can take the Randonneur out another day. Perhaps when is stops pishing it down...

    After getting back to our village and fuelling up on chocolate, I went out again and returned some panniers we'd borrowed from friends, then came back and discovered I'd cycled 65km, 50 of them with Beautiful Daughter on the back, which probably explains why my legs are aching this morning...

    *Read: I overslept...
    **UPDATE: Beautiful Daughter wishes to make it clear that she was not in any way "tired" or even "Snoozy", but was in fact looking at an interesting bug on the road. I apologise for this error on my part.
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  4. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    Screenshot_20190908-095734.png IMG_20190908_083549.jpg IMG_20190908_083535.jpg IMG_20190908_081319.jpg IMG_20190908_081232.jpg IMG_20190908_074647.jpg Got up early for a ride out.
    Super morning, perfect cycling weather.

    Got a new fro t door to fit today so making the most of the day.

    Usual peterborough landscapes..
    Got a bit lost in some fields with signs missing.. But followed the sun to escape,.. About 20 miles, mostly off road.
  5. Spiderweb

    Spiderweb Not So Special One

    North Yorkshire
    F45F59C4-5FB5-4B2F-B7ED-2B1C5FF45A3A.jpeg 8353791B-E69A-40B6-8F1A-6E01F40AD079.jpeg 29C25885-74D8-4BB9-91B1-2ED4C8291A13.jpeg 7852B7CA-EBD8-48B2-9B2B-9B2645733E94.jpeg A5184A70-264B-4EDC-8576-04DDF03CABE3.jpeg 7E9B0BB4-A669-4129-B30F-BFD9FA85492B.jpeg 758E7AC3-0ACF-4F0C-BB69-D697F2EE94E3.jpeg 99CC8EF4-148B-445D-8392-17839F156D5C.jpeg

    A really busy day yesterday so only an hour to spare for a ride in the Yorkshire Dales. Coverdale & Wensleydale, just short of 12 hilly miles with an average of 12 mph.
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  6. Elybazza61

    Elybazza61 Veteran

    Solo 100k today out in the sunny but chilly Cambridgeshire(and a tiny bit of Naarfolk) countryside.

    Lot's of peeps about today and not too much traffic so a pretty enjoyable ride.Felt good apart from some tightness in the legs and good to do a solid 100k solo.

    No pics from out and about just one from the end enjoying a fine(free!) Americano.

  7. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    I rode down to Tewkesbury to meet up with the GV gang out of the Forest. It was great to meet up with the guys. After breakfast we rode back by Haw Bridge and on to Newent where I had to turn for home. Lovely outing and quite brisk too. 51 smiles in lovely sunshine and excellent company.
  8. derrick

    derrick The Glue that binds us together.

    Saturdays ride to Heybridge Basin. 5 of us set of at 9am, nice easy ride with no problems apart from a bit of wind. The roads were really quiet most of the times. all motorist's behaved themselves. Lovely bit of brunch when we got there, the tide was out as usual, Nice and easy on the way back as the girls where struggling a bit, something about the wind.:laugh: We all went back to one of my locals for a beer and chats, lovely day with great company, the biggest ever ride for one of the guys, he was well happy. A really nice route,

    hey 1.JPG hey 2.JPG hey 3.JPG hey 4.JPG
  9. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    Two rides this time, the rest of life intruded on Friday and I had to be home for a delivery from 2:00 pm onwards. Leaving home on the fixed, and the rain started falling. Wearing a warmer jacket for the first time this year, with a windproof front and a beggar all proof back. As the rain became heavier it was obvious I had chosen the wrong jacket. One of those days that conspired with Sod’s Law; and won. By the time I reached the Oakwood Clock I was convinced the third misfortune was about to land on my shoulders. The rain, well, OK, I could see the other side of the road. But by ‘eck it was cold . . .

    I reached home eleven and a bit soggy miles after leaving it.

    So, this morning gave a blue sky, the fig tree gave some fruit towards breakfast and the band we heard last night was pretty good. Off for a ride goes I.

    Gears today, and thoughts of riding uphill. The numbers sound good, 1929 feet in thirty one and some miles, but the calculator says sixty feet per mile. It felt like a lot anyway. Quite a bit of traffic around, ride down the main road to Jack Lane, reach the canal towpath and ride along that to Viaduct Road. The viaduct itself had some railway sort of machinery on it, moving slowly and making non train noises. Track maintenance maybe. Start pedalling up, and continue all the way to the water tower at Cookridge, where the road has mercy on my tired legs and starts downhilling. For a bit. Straight on to Bramhope today, down the hill by the church and back onto the A660 towards Otley. A right turn at the Dyneley Arms goes down the hill to Pool, straight through the hamlet and cross the Wharfe. Hamlet? At the top of Leeds Road, later on, there is now a sign, ‘Welcome to Pool’ and the place is described as a hamlet. But I have some riding to do before reaching that sign.

    So, after crossing the second river of the day, the road leads to the third. After a couple of left turns the River Washburn is crossed on Leathley Bridge. Hmm, and the house at the side of the bridge is not called Bridge House, but Leathley Lodge. And the hill up to Farnley starts shortly after that. There were three riders having a rest at the top, where there is a right turn to go to the rest of Farnley. I went straight on down to Otley. A crowd of cyclists at the other side of the road reminded me it was Sunday, no there was not a shout of ‘It’s Sunday!!’ the sight was enough. At the end of Farnley Lane turn left and cross the River Wharfe again, ride the easy way through Otley to the bottom of Leeds Road and then up, to see the sign mentioned earlier. Stay on the A660, be overtaken, not for the first time today, and ride through Bramhope.

    The other end of the village has a roundabout, left and climb Kings Road. A right turn at the top for the ride down past Golden Acre Park and across Adel Dam. After rejoining the A660, it is time to ride down to river level via Headingley and Kirkstall. Back across the River Aire, and a little further along back onto the towpath. The sunshine had tempted a number of folk out to the canalside, so a gentle ride for the next two or three miles. Zigzag through Hunslet, bridge over the motorway and up the road to home. Always a welcome sight, the weather has been kind and the ride was just marvellous.

    Sunshine makes a good map better,

  10. Buck

    Buck Veteran

    I've slowly been getting back out and about on the bike and building my fitness which whilst nowhere near where I was before is now bordering on OK! A couple of weeks ago I joined @EasyPeez and @Pale Rider for a 50 mile ride south of the Humber. That was a lovely ride and was a personal test for me to see how my recovery was going and whether I was sufficiently prepared to complete the September ride from Leeds to Scarborough organised by @nickyboy

    Yesterday was the day we were heading to Scarborough and I'll admit a few nerves ahead of the planned 80+ mile ride but was confident I could complete the ride whilst recognising that it wasn't going to be easy.

    We all met in Leeds near the station before being led out on a slightly different (and easier) route by @colly and his local knowledge. The first 5 miles or so out of the city centre and along the East Leeds Link Road are always a little unpleasant as it's on busy and fast roads but, we soon turned off and headed north through Temple Newsam and out of the northern fringes of Leeds towards Barwick-in-Elmet then onto Aberford.

    After we started heading north towards Towton we came across a "Police - Accident - Slow" sign. We carried down the lane to be met by a friendly police officer and a fire engine blocking the road due to an accident.


    We had no option but to head back on a short detour, heading north through Saxton and on the lanes through Towton. Then, as we headed up over the railway line at Ulleskelf, I was talking to Nick and we heard a "twang" - the sound of a spoke on his front wheel breaking! Aaargh!!
    He was able to make it to the cafe at Cawood (where we all had breakfast and @Slioch joined us) but then had no choice but to abandon the ride, making alternative arrangements and heading off to Church Fenton and the train home.

    We continued with @Kestevan taking the lead and north through the Wheldrake and Stamford Bridge where we had a short stop hunting for AA batteries for @ColinJ (!) then into Malton which was the lumpiest part of the ride with a few hills and bumps before the long descent into Malton and our planned lunch stop.

    Here we met @Julia9054 and @Almartino to join us on the last section but said goodbye to @ColinJ and @colly who were heading back home.


    The weather was dry and quite sunny although we weren't benefitting from our usual south westerly. Instead we had a Northerly wind to contend with. Whilst hard going at times, it wasn't too bad and the hedges and lanes afforded us some shelter here and there.

    After we were fed and watered we headed north out of Malton and joined the A169 into a strong head wind combined with driving that left something to be desired! We pushed hard on the mile or so before we could turn off towards Marishes and the sanctuary of the quiet country lanes with only the occasional car, tractor or dog walker to ride past!



    We headed north east continuing on a combination of country lanes and the main road into Scarborough before turning off and riding through the green country lanes on the edge of Wykeham Forest up onto the tops before a nice steady run into Scarborough and along the busy south shore before a final battle with the head wind on Marine Drive and the sanctuary of the fish and chip shop!





    As always, thanks to @nickyboy for organising and also @doughnut and his lovely wife Sharon for taking the bags to Scarborough for us :notworthy:
    Also, great to ride again with those mentioned plus Gil, @DiddlyDodds, @theclaud and @IG88

    Overall 85 miles and 3,200 ft of climbing

    Screenshot 2019-09-08 at 16.35.26.png
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  11. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    It was good to see you doing long(ish) rides again.

    Great ride report!

    I feel sorry that I don't come all the way to Scarborough (or Llandudno on the sister ride) these days, but I can't afford to stop over (or the higher rail fares) so I compromise and do the first half, before turning back.
  12. CarlP

    CarlP La-Dee-Rhum-Buckedee-Ni-Ni-Nooo

    Arrived on the Isle of Wight this morning, sorted ourselves out and went for a short bike ride to Sandown.

    Went to Fat Harry’s where we bought fish and chip’s to have at the sea front. We could have bought Banana Fritter’s and apple waffle’s and presumably deep fried apostrophes.

    I think it’s my civic duty to let you know that Harry wasn’t fat and his name isn’t Harry, it’s Gary. Anyway the fish and chips were FAB.

    A chip over 6.5 miles.

    69ADE257-FA61-48BA-A82D-1CE2E3D6854C.jpeg D338B1C3-3266-417D-95AD-07548C384C90.jpeg C5B358C8-31B1-4011-BF01-2389ED437A5F.jpeg
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  13. colly

    colly Re member eR

    @nickyboy 's ride fromLeeds to Scarborough

    Good ride in good company. Thanks @nickyboy , for organising, even though you had had enough by the time we got to Cawood. How did you get that spoke to break just where you planned?
    Nice to meet some new faces too and apologies for not getting to say farewell to everyone at Malton, but I'm sure we will cross paths again.
    If we go again next year I'll stay over:okay:
    Colin had planned a very nice route back using part of the 'Wolds Way', some very scenic, traffic free, well surfaced roads, and bits of the outwards route. Through York using pretty much cycle paths all the way. North East to South West and just a few hundred yards of road. It took a while but if only all cities had such good cycle paths.
    Out of York and through Copmanthorpe we came across a group of men and women hanging about a bridge over the railway lines. Stopping to speak to an older man it turned out to be not what we expected, a dogging meet, but a group of rail enthusiasts. A steam train was due to be passing though. 'Clun Castle' I was told. ''Cos it dunt mek it oop North much''

    We waited a bit but it was late so we pressed on and 5 mins later were crossing back over the same line. More bodies waiting but still no sign of the train so my hope of getting a 'live' photo went out the window. 100m down the road we heard the tell tale whistle of a steam train in the distance. A quick about turn and a brisk ride back up to the top of the bridge saw 'Clun Castle' speeding into view. It was shifting at quite a pace and I had no time to take a photo.
    It was impressive though and making quite a racket with steam and smoke billowing. It didn't have the usual rapid chuff chuff chuff of a speeding locomotive. The pistons working at such a speed it sounded more like a crackley helecopter rotor. Magnificent.

    I'm not sure how much ground I covered yesterday because I was without electronics. Somewhere between 102 and 115 miles. (115.4 as it turned out) Plenty enough. Me and @ColinJ parted company at Aberford and I had to stop before I even got to Barwick-in-Elmete because I fell off the cliff energy wise. My last half of a jam sandwich had me on the road again within a couple of mins though and I was home by about 8pm.

    Great day out.

    Plotted using ColinJ's information

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  14. Stonechat

    Stonechat Guru

    Staines, Middlesex
    Well club run today. A weird start with Wraysbury Road Staines jammed with huge number of lorries with lights flashing, and eardrum busting horns sounding.

    Just three of us. Outward through Windsor, White Waltham, Warren End home of Velolife, struggling with a bureaucratic planning dept at Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Through Henley, and south to Sonning Common. On one of the last roads , there was a large amount of gravel in the centre of the narrow road. Well I found my back wheel slipping away when clear I was going off, I aimed for the right hand vegetation, which was unfortunately mostly brambles.

    I got numerous scratches which looked worse than it felt with some bleeding.

    So stop at the Herb Farm was welcome and I could clean up.

    Back journey through Sonning, Twyford, Binfield, and eventually through the great park.
    55.7 miles @14.7 mph 1820 feet climbed
  15. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    I think @colly intended to say "NOT a dogging meet"! :laugh:
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