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  1. C R

    C R Über Member

    Sunday again so another ride for the metric half challenge. After last week's climbing trials, I decided I would take something a bit flatter.

    The forecast was for clear skies, but temperature below 10C for the early morning, so long sleeves and fingered gloves, but still in shorts.

    Out a bit after 6:30, for the first time before sunrise since spring, though there was almost full daylight by the time I was rolling.

    Down the A38 through Kempsey, and then a left at Baynhall for Kerswell Green, where I could see the sun coming up behind the trees around Pirton Pool


    Quite an uneventful ride up Kinnersley Bank and down all the way through Kinnersley and Earls Croome, though I somehow was feeling like it was harder to ride than it should be, and attributed it to the lower temperature.

    Upton came quick, and then was a left on the Gloucester road for Longdon. This is a nice quiet road, with a different view of the Malverns
    And my bike with a milestone sign
    I won't be going as far as Gloucester, though, taking a left for Tewkesbury at the A438, it is a fairly easy ride to the A38, but stopping for some refreshment and photos on the bridge over the Severn.


    And another view of the Malverns

    From here it is a quick ride through the edge of Tewkesbury, and then on to Bredon and Eckington. Stopped at the picnic area by the Avon, where there were a few swans swimming, and the sun made nice light effects on the surface of the river, though my photos don't make it justice.
    IMG_20190908_082616946_HDR.jpg IMG_20190908_082630511_HDR.jpg IMG_20190908_082748087_HDR.jpg
    Now the last section of the ride to Pershore, up Holloway for the only climb of notice, and a swift descent on Rebecca Rd. Then Wadborough, Littleworth and home.

    It turns out this was the quickest challenge ride I have done, which might explain why it felt harder than usual, 36.2 miles at 14.8 mph.

    Garmin says 2C, but it wasn't anywhere as cold as that. 8C at a guess when setting off, and probably 15C by the time I got home. Lovely ride, lets hope for these bright Sundays to last a while longer yet.
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  2. colly

    colly Re member eR

    Yeah but we were hoping like.
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  3. i hate hills

    i hate hills Done done on to the next one..........

    Got all clear to start pedalling again so did 7 mile loop of the coastal paths at Bervie . Big sorry to the lady on the path who i startled with a good morning . She nearly jumped her own height . Sorry also to the lady with 4 dogs ,all on leads . I didnt think it would end well .....Lunch was taken at Gourden Harbour where the local shop doesnt do filled rolls . All told a very enjoyable Sunday pootle . I could get right into this again .
  4. Katherine

    Katherine Guru Moderator Photo Winner

    Except I didn't actually include the picture!

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  5. Reynard

    Reynard Guru

    Cambridgeshire, UK
    Ah, that one would look fabby in the Street Art thread too @Katherine ;)
  6. Glow worm

    Glow worm Guru

    Near Newmarket
    First a couple from a short ride around North Creake, Norfolk from Friday.


    Creake Abbey. There's a surperb cafe just around the corner, well worth a visit.

    North Creake church. I took the cross country route back.

    Then today a 21 mile ride up to a nature reserve near Ely called Kingfisher Bridge.

    White Fen above. Part of the Lodes Way cycle route.


    The trademark wonky telegraph poles of the fens.


    Hill Farm (Upware). Who says us flatlanders don't have a sense of humour?!


    Made it to the nature reserve and made some friends.

    I'd been hoping to see a passing osprey or two at Kingfisher Bridge. One had been spotted there earlier but I was out of luck.

    But then on my way home, near Wiicken, I was watching Marsh harrier through the bins and another, paler bird caught my eye - boom- osprey! Made my day. I watched it circle getting higher and higher before drifting off south east, a distant speck. As this was around 4 pm I guess it would probably spend tonight somewhere around Sussex before crossing the channel tomorrow.
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  7. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    strava1529893405921155026.jpg pedal for Scotland today.
    My house to the start. Official route to Edinburgh then back via a few backroads the the Union to Falkirk and F&C home.
    Had to go round the block a few times to hit 100
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  8. Mike_P

    Mike_P Veteran

    Sunday - Crikey 21 degrees on the outdoor thermometer so one of the new short sleeve jerseys donned and a pair of mitts retrieved. Initially headed south today on the Defy, avoiding the country park again so a circuitous route to start off with and then joining the route through the Pine Woods passed a number of riders from the Yorkshire Lass Cycling Club returning from their club ride and branching off in different directions. Down to Pannal where the first set of traffic lights cooperated nicely and the second set at the A61 junction nearly did. Up Drury Lane in a new PR despite deliberately leaving one foot unclipped remembering the sudden stop needed last time up this 12.7% max climb. A long wait then followed to cross the bypass for Kirkby Overblow. Thereafter having passed some horse riders turned down Moor Lane and realised from the steepness of the decent why I had failed to climb up it few weeks back.

    Climbed Chapel Hill and Mill Lane Kearby, the latter despite the lack of Hill in its name being the steeper up to 12.4% and then through Sicklinghall to Wetherby, where Linton Road once over the old railway bridge had been completely resurfaced :smile: Out of the town on the A168 to Walshford and then to Cattal from where road closure notices for the UCI Championships (the Mens race on the Friday) dominated the roadside. Followed the race route in avoiding the level crossing, across the A59 and through Whixley onto the B6265. Turned west, leaving the UCI route, back to the A168 and then via Arkendale to Farnham where UCI road closure signs reappeared, for the Para-cycling on the first Saturday. Took the quick way home from Ripley via the A61 and B6161 and on the latter suffered more of a near miss rather than close pass:cursing:
    {EDIT - Photo removed as the Police are now involved}
    40.12 miles 2275ft climbed Avg 12 mph.
    0809 route.jpg 0809 elevation.jpg
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  9. Mr Celine

    Mr Celine Discordian

    Another lovely sunny day in the borders which seemed to have brought out more cyclists than usual.....


    That was at Dryburgh, the start and only steep bit of what they were calling the Scott's View climb. After they passed I headed for St Boswells to see them again. The A68 / A699 junction attracted many more fans, on two and four legs.

    The horses seemed to be fascinated by the police motorcycles.
    At Dryburgh there was a breakaway 40 seconds in front of the peloton, which was all in one group. Half an hour later there were three main groups and lots of stragglers. Must have been due to Dingleton Hill, which the fastest rider did in 5:20 according to strava. I did it in 2:22 :becool: ( but in the other direction )

    Today's map -


    38 km @ 22km/h 611m up
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  10. delb0y

    delb0y Guru

    Quedgeley, Glos
    Lovely ride today, back to where I tried to go on Saturday when road closures scuppered my plans. Had to (walk) through a herd of bulls who were all trying to get through a narrow gate at the same time as me. They were heading the opposite direction to me but they weren't in a hurry - in the end I had to ease my way through. Had a lovely chat to a fellow on an eBrompton who was recovering from heart surgery and loved the fact eBikes enabled him to still get out. Found my way to the river - had to go through several farm gates and across the farm yard and there was an old fellow sat in a deckchair who pointed me in the right direction. Don't think I would have gone through the yard if he hadn't been there - it's like going into someone's garden, and it was all a bit Deliverance deep down in the river valley. The roads down to the river started off as C roads, then lanes, then farm-tracks... Just the sort of trails I enjoy. Crossed the Leadon on an ancient stone bridge and had to walk up the path on the far side - it was 25%, wet grass and mud and stone. It was hard work pushing the bike up there! All in all, another ride where I discovered many a lane that I'd never been down and enjoyed every second. 33 miles. About my limit at the moment.

    Bridge Over The River Leadon.jpg Farm 2.jpg Farm.jpg Hay Bales.jpg Steep Bit.jpg
  11. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    A bright morning again, and calm as well. Best to take advantage of this and go for a ride.

    The fixed today, and the idea to ride towards the bottom right hand corner of my map. Where coal was once mined in large amounts. But that was a while ago. Today the ride could have started with a shortcut from Dewsbury Road directly to Hunslet. But no, not me. Habit took me through a bit of Holbeck before traversing the former village on the way to the climb to John o’ Gaunts. Down the hill to the roundabout at Oulton and take the second exit, the A639. Stay on this, a left, at the next roundabout. This bit of road loses height for the next couple of miles to Mickletown, fast pedalling and loads of fun, then levels out through Methley and Methley Junction on the way to Methley Bridge over the River Calder.

    Castleford next, no need to ride through the centre just turn left at the first set of lights and ride along to Bridge Street after another left. Cross the Calder again, nope, it’s the Aire and Calder together, and before crossing the Aire and Calder Navigation arrive at the back of a queue of traffic. Most unusual around here. Another rider caught up, we did some left filtering, some overtaking and eventually some pavement riding to reach the cause of the holdup. Half the road coned off and three way lights controlling traffic. Apart from the cones, nothing out of order, no hole(s) in the road, no contractors plant. Ah well, we had reached clear road. I could continue the climb to Peckfield Bar, he turned right, Ledston or Fairburn his possible destination.

    Straight on at Peckfield Bar, the A656 can be a busy road. Busy enough that the right turn to Micklefield would have needed a stop and wait. But a couple of hundred yards more , traffic vanished and the road that passes Hook Moor could be used. A good close view of one of the windmills, turbine if you like, was had then turn left for the road to Aberford. Past the former workhouse, down and up and down again on Main Street to turn left onto Cattle Lane. I do dislike the ironmongery that decorates the road here, three large covers next to each other that I am not going to ride over. No way. Really does spoil that corner.

    But the rest of the road is fine. Ups and downs to Barwick followed by more similar stuff to Scholes. This all calms down in time to ride a bit of the A64 and the three lanes from there to the A58, and after crossing the Ring Road the fastest bit of today’s ride. It takes quite a hill to do it, and it does increase grin factor by lots. I ride past the spare gates of Roundhay Park so often, never see them open though. Oakwood Clock and half a mile further the building that was once the Clock Cinema, all to pass on the way to skirt the town centre and recross the River Aire before the last of the uphill that takes me home. The sight of which put a grin on my mug after thirty two miles of rather enjoyable riding.

    Roads with straight bits . . .

  12. Spiderweb

    Spiderweb Not So Special One

    North Yorkshire
    9E12919A-F490-416B-AF1E-F1F2FBF58FAE.jpeg 985BDCC2-F9AB-4315-9800-AB063C608170.jpeg AF6C74B9-1249-49D7-8E0A-13C2E99ED7EF.jpeg

    A bit nippy this morning so arm warmers and a lightweight jacket required for the commute, 6.7miles with an average of 16.5 mph.
    A bit breezy but a lovely late afternoon/early evening in North Yorkshire. An extended home commute out towards York, 28.4 miles with an average of 15.9 mph.
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  13. i hate hills

    i hate hills Done done on to the next one..........

    Stunning pictures Katherine .
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  14. Mrs M

    Mrs M Guru

    Well done :okay:
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  15. CarlP

    CarlP La-Dee-Rhum-Buckedee-Ni-Ni-Nooo

    Blumen ‘eck the IoW is lumpy but the roads are mostly smooth, they look like they’ve been recently re-surfaced except in a few places, a joy to ride on them. Anyway we went clock wise around most of the island today, stopped at sad little cafe at Freshwater Bay for lunch, and then followed mostly the excellent cycling way markers to Yarmouth then to Cowes where the floating bridge wasn’t working, they had a small boat instead, loads of cyclists piled onto that. Then from East Cowes by-pass Ryde, then following the markers to a closed road near St Helen’s then onto Ninham our base.


    85C0B353-517F-41B8-A262-FB64AD0538BB.jpeg 37AF1F6F-5ABD-49F4-8328-61CC5D7B6831.jpeg DA826BD6-D11E-4B1A-801E-A9D41E5A4178.jpeg A1A64C2A-5810-4881-A1D3-B9F17BFF3408.jpeg EE2CE466-0B96-4988-B62A-258A514EA530.jpeg 0563D9C3-F52C-46A1-BD47-80B9FAB0F960.jpeg BFBC9B9C-B47F-4BBC-B035-1169C8033B01.jpeg

    This nice cafe had a working model railway going round it.


    61.62 miles today, nice weather too.

    ETA: longest ride of the year so far.
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