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That climb was average 10% for just under 4/5ths of a mile. 416 feet of climbing
Max gradient 32.6% !! Simply nasty :evil:


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A combination of family commitments, bad weather and a cold meant I wasn't able to do any weekend rides since mid September. Finally today the stars alignment wax favourable and I managed a ride this morning.

I registered for the Tour of Worcester sportive that takes place next weekend, and wanted to try at least once going up Ankerdine hill before the actual event, and today was my only chance.

Out at my usual twenty to seven. Still completely dark, but not overly cold. Headed for the bridge between Diglis and Lower Wick, and then Powick and Collets Green for Bransford. The lanes were quiet, but had to be careful, as there were a few places with big puddles.

At Bransford I took the right for Alfrick, and by now there was starting to get lighter. This road is nice and quiet, but it is a succession of short ramps, which made it hard to get into a proper rhythm. I finally made it to the bottom of Ankerdine hill, and by now it was full daylight.

I took a break for a drink by the pedestrian bridge, and then headed for the hill. The climb is in all about a mile, with an average of 10%, but getting to 17% in places according to the road signs, much harder than anything I have attempted before. I took it easy from the beginning, and it does get very steep very quickly. I was soon in my lowest gear, and having to stand. After about half a mile I couldn't push any more, and had to take a rest. I carried on, and managed to get to the top, but with two additional stops. I think my average speed was of the order of 4mph, next time I will try to stop only twice.

After this there are still a couple of ramps before a swift descent into Martley, followed by another climb before another swift descent into Great Witley. By now the slight down hill towards the Severn was very welcome.

After Great Witley headed to the bridge at Holt Fleet, with a slight detour taking the quieter lanes to Shrawley, though this required yet another short climb to Holt Heath. The bridge over the Severn came quick, and stopped by the shop for another drink and a nut bar.

Once refreshed it was time to face the climb up to Ombersley, which was not as bad as I feared. Past Ombersley took the back lanes towards Fernhill Heath, then Claines and the cycle paths back to Diglis and home.

Just over 38 miles of a lot of up and down. It felt good being back on a long ride.

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Next week is my first sportive and my first go at a 50 mile ride. Watch this space for how it goes.
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