1. Tenkaykev

    Brriing - Brriing bell for Brompton ?

    Mrs Tenkaykev has a S6L (2019) and finds the stock “ping” bell a bit feeble. She would like to fit a louder and as she describes it “ more melodic and friendly “ bell, more like the older “ briing briing “ bells. I’ve searched various online threads but wondered if any fellow Brommie owners on...
  2. Cycleops

    Bell End Bar

    Sorry that should read Bar End Bell, so now I've got your attention it's a very expensive bell from Canyon that sits on the bar end. Any interest?
  3. J

    Need some help in identification

    Hi, everyone! I'm not a specialist in vintage bicycles. However, I have found this bicycle bell in Ukrainian forest. It is supposed to be a part of vintage French bike, but I cannot find the equivalent in Internet. If somebody knows, help me, please
  4. E

    Ringing bell on footpaths

    Hi all, I ride along footpaths around here quite often - mostly part of cycle routes or just shared cycle paths Anyway - I have a problem about what to do with walkers and would like to hear other people's ideas and experience. In theory - when I come up behind some walkers I should ring my...
  5. Sheffield_Tiger

    Teapot bell, anyone?

    Sometimes there's just some weird stuff on the Chinese websites... WHY? :blink::laugh:
  6. currystomper

    Alternative to a Bell

    I was looking for an alternative to a bell on my bike as they seems to startle pedestrians and cause them to move into your path, when all you want to do is tell them you are coming. I have tried calling out, but its not always reacted to and just heard as someone talking behind them. So...
  7. postman

    I bought a bell.

    While on holiday in Calan Bosch Menorca,have i told you i have been away.So in one of the many gift shops i found a lovely bicycle bell, a really nice summer blue with a white bicycle on.The numpties on the tow path should here me behind them now,it makes a right racket.
  8. airborneal

    Carbon Bottle Cage, TDF Series, Insulated Bottle, Bell, & Repair Kit SOLD

    All items are Tour de France Yellow Jersey Series Carbon bottle cage 24 grams Insulated Bottle / bidon Bell Puncture repair kit £25 posted
  9. Chris S

    Bell End

    Residents of Bell End in Sandwell have started a petition to get their street renamed. I wonder if the residents of Lickey End will be doing the same?
  10. B

    A bell that works in the rain?

    Hi, my current bell is fine... until it rains. When it's wet it just doesn't "ring" at all. effectively useless. I've lived with it, but it was dangerous this morning. So could you please recommend a bell that you know works well even when wet. Not looking for anything crazy like an airhorn...
  11. jefmcg

    Vehicles tooting just before passing a cyclist

    I hate it. No matter how friendly the tone of the toot, it seems assertive if not aggressive. I only use my bell on bicycle** paths when I require action from pedestrians. If I am able to pass them with a wide berth, then I will do so without disturbing them, or maybe a nod or a "good...
  12. Biff600

    Ding-Dong !!

    I was given this bell whilst working in Amsterdam last September and today I thought I'd put it on the s/s. It's got a great tone......listen........ View:
  13. Biff600

    My big red bell. !!!

    I am working away in Amsterdam at the moment and for whatever reason, we were all given a cycle bell today (promoting the show and Amsterdam ) As you can see from the pics, it's massive !! Very doubtful it'll go on the road bike, but maybe the fixie.
  14. B

    cheap bike bell that fits road bike bars

    anyone have a recommendation? the cheapie ebay bells I bought seem to be made for kids bikes
  15. rideswithmoobs

    A good child's bike bell

    Any ideas? Looking for a small one not one of these big things but easy to use and works. A few I have tried don't even ring
  16. U

    Bell and white frame pump

  17. C

    Cyclechat recommends... I need a doorbell

    My neighbour handed me my parcel with the words, "have you asked Amazon to deliver it straight to us then?" No is the answer but I'm failing to hear the knocker and the last two doorbells have all died. My faith in doorbells being diminished I have not yet dipped into the 'pick a doorbell'...
  18. gelfy666

    Bell Super 2 2015 Helmet

    Brand new and boxed Matt black with white lettering size large £60 posted bank transfer prefered or paypal
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