1. Globalti

    What a difference six years makes - 2020 Roubaix.

    Some on CC know that I changed over from mountain biking to the road in 2009 when I found a new 2006 Specialized Roubaix dumped in a stream. It was a revelation after the steel bike I had been trying to like. That led me to a 2014 Roubaix SL4, which has given me great service for almost six...
  2. DSK

    BIKE ID please (Specialized Roubaix)

    Hi Can anyone ID this this please; Year? I have seen an identical one for sale at £525, owner says he has no paperwork but bought it new in 2017. I cannot find any others in this colour around that model year and the more modern ones all seem to have internal routing. Its got a full 105...
  3. MDA 998

    stolen roubaix on ebay look

    Just seen this on ebay item no. 333098315663 look at the pics if anyone knows this scrote message the seller
  4. Barlowben16

    Basically Brand New (60kms) Specialized Roubaix Elite 2018 Size 58

    A basically brand new 2018 Specialized Roubaix elite 2018 in rocket red for sale. Only rode 60kms on the bike so still in brand new condition. Size 58 Bike comes with Shimano m520 pedals and front and back set of Leyzenne lights. Any questions on the bike or more pics please send me a email...
  5. jamin100

    Disc Brake (Specialized Ruby / Roubaix) and Turbo Trainers

    My wife got a new Specialized Ruby disc brake bike in November that has a 142mm thru axle. I purchased a QR adapter but we soon found that the Ruby was too wide for our Elite Crono Elastrogel fluid trainer. We have a Kickr Core but its too much of a faff (apparently) and too heavy as she take...
  6. The Rover

    SOLD. Vulpine Roubaix Long sleeve jersey

    Size meduim and good for a race fit up a 38in chest. The sleeves are tighter than other similar tops. It still has the tags attached and therefore is immaculate. My photos make it look a lighter red than it is and it looks like i had a smudge on the camera! I got it in a sale hence my low...
  7. MDA 998

    specialized roubaix sl4 105

    sorry please delete this all sorted now
  8. Polite

    BNWT - Evans Long Sleeve Roubaix Jersey. Size XXXL (46), I'm selling due to weight loss. £40 inc p&p, PayPal (Friends and Family), or we can negotiate.
  9. Smthers

    [SOLD] Specialized Roubaix SL4 Elite

    I've got this advertised elsewhere, but thought I'd try my luck here...... New carbon bike and lack of space forces sale of this lovely bike. Being the typical fair weather cyclist this has only been ridden during the summer months, and for its age (4 years this summer) is in very good...
  10. H

    Roubaix vs Alternatives?

    Hi everyone, Last year I built up a KTM Revaltor Sky(link is external) . It was meant to replace a 2006 S-Works Roubaix. However riding both back to back I find the Roubaix more comfortable and more responsive to pedal input. As such I'm now looking to transplant the KTM parts onto another...
  11. Captainwull

    Paris - Roubaix- Arenberg Forest

    Hello, I've decided not to do Flanders this year. I want to see what the Arenberg Forest is like during Paris - Roubaix. Has anyone been? I could use some advice like where to stay and if there is a decent big screen to watch the race unfold anywhere near the forest. Thank you
  12. mark st1

    Specialized Roubaix Elite 56cm SOLD

    Specialized Roubaix Elite. Its a 2009 fact 7R full carbon frame and fork with carbon seat post. In June of this year it had a full Shimano 5800 105 11 Speed group set fitted 50/34 172.5 mm chain set 11/28 cassette and kmc missing link chain. Specialized Bar Phat tape.Wheels are Fulcrum Racing S4...
  13. mark st1

    Specialized Roubaix

    For sale is my much loved by me and the previous owner @ianrauk who will vouch for it I’m sure Specialized Roubaix Elite. Its a Large 56cm 2009 fact 7R full carbon frame and fork with carbon seat post. In June of this year it had a full Shimano 5800 105 11 Speed group set fitted 50/34 172.5 mm...
  14. cosmicbike

    Specialized Roubaix Caliper Drop?

    I'm looking to replace the standard Axis 1.0 calipers on my Roubaix with a set of 105 5700 calipers, but they seem not to have a long enough drop. Do I need to use something different? I think Shimano do long drop calipers but since you could buy the Roubaix with 105 kit wondered if they did a...
  15. Buck

    Specialized Roubaix Elite or Expert 2017

    Hi Anybody bought one of the above bikes? It's on my shortlist and my LBS recommends Specialized over Cannondale (they are main dealers for both) based on warranty claims - both quantity and how the manufacturer deals with them. Would you care to share your experiences of the bike, especially...
  16. MattMM

    FS: 2013 Specialized Roubaix Compact Sport 58 cm w/ 105/Tiagra £550

    After a few great years with the Roubaix, my cycling needs are evolving as my family grows (plus I need garage space), so with much regret looking to sell to fund a Genesis CdF so I can get one bike that does it all. Have it listed on Gumtree here...
  17. Pro Tour Punditry

    Paris - Roubaix 2017 **spoilers**

    It would be splendid to see Boonen win his last race. Quick Step look to be on fire just now so I reckon they'll do everything they can to make it so.
  18. sagefly

    Paris Roubaix sportive

    Anyone riding it this year? Anyone ridden it in the past and have any advice for someone, me, riding it this year? Anyone riding it and want to buddy up for training and the ride itself?
  19. Globalti

    New Specialized Roubaix with suspension - who's interested ?

    My 2014 Roubaix SL4 is, for me, the perfect compromise between comfort and stiffness and I find it fine for 100 mile rides although the zertz inserts don't do anything, I'm sure. My next general purpose bike was going to be another Roubaix but with discs but now, having seen what Specialized...
  20. Salty seadog

    Mudguards on a full carbon (Whyte montpellier2014 and Spesh Roubaix 2016

    I'm away from the bikes atm so no pics but can anyone recomend a decent set of guards that would fit either of these full carbon frames. The Whyte has an eylet going through the seat stay bridge and the fork bridge and nothing else. The roubaix has some sort of anchor points near the rear...
  21. Dave7

    New Specialised Roubaix with suspension.....any thoughts.

    I'm not after one but found the concept interesting. It has suspension built in to the steerer tube. As far as I am aware suspension a) adds weight and b) absorbs some energy which should really go into turning the wheels For all I know it been done before but its certainly new to me...
  22. D

    2017 Specialized Roubaix

    Anyone seen it yet total re design with 20mm suspension apparently
  23. Norseman

    How to fit a Zipp 30 Course rear wheel to the 2016 Roubaix SCS

    I was under the impression that my 2016 Specialized Roubaix SL4 Elite Disc was without the SCS derailleur hanger, but when I tried to adjust the rear derailleur it snagged on the frame on the lowest gear. Any advice on how to make the wheels work with the scs derailleur is appreciated - or do I...
  24. RoubaixCube

    Roubaix - hit and run

    Ive been involved in a hit and run driver about 12.30 today. He was turning left and I went into the side of him as he suddenly stopped to let a lady with a pram cross the road. Nothing is broken of fractured but i have a lot of pain in my right wrist and leg... I asked the driver politely to...
  25. Roadrider48

    Specialized Roubaix SL4 2014 carbon frame

    As the title suggests, for sale is the frame, forks and seatpost. Very low mileage No damage. The picture above is when it was built up a while ago. I am looking for £170 inc del. no offers please. PLEASE NOTE: it is NOT an S-Works frame. Payment by bank transfer. If you are fairly close to me...
  26. phil_hg_uk

    Tifosi Roubaix cycling glasses as new

    Tifosi Roubaix cycling glasses as new. I have never worn these, includes 3 lens types clear, smoked & amber and carry case also includes the RX02 Optical Insert for prescription lenses. All in the box as new £35 inc P&P
  27. grellboy

    Roubaix or Tarmac?

    Morning. I know there is already a thread on here and I have read it, just want a different angle - considering the financial aspects. Currently have a Specialized Allez and a Boardman CX, but work have just started a cycle to work scheme - so now feel obliged to upgrade up to £1000. Anyway...
  28. wxbull

    Trek Domane 4.1 2016 or Specialized roubaix sl4 2016

    Hello all, I'm buying a new bike next month, and wondering if anyone has any of these bikes....I have a secteur 2014 which has served me well on loads of 70 mile plus rides and a couple of 100 plus. Which one would you buy?
  29. Heisenberg71

    Specialized Roubaix SL3 - worth it?

    I am looking to upgrade the bike and I quite like the idea of something a tad more relaxed, Di2 thrown in, got to be carbon, good wheels etc. Found a Roubaix SL3 at £2k. Am I being tight, but is £2k a bit steep? Lots of them machines come into range at that level. Love the look of this bike...
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