1. D

    Road bike cycle spokes.

    Hello. My chain came off ,inboard and broke 6 spokes (I believe ) stainless. Has any reader experience of the price of fitting new spokes ? (L.B.S) Also truing the rim ? The wheel is not a very good quality ,so if expensivee I might buy a Shimano wheel set (the cheapest ) Thank you for any...
  2. Nibor

    ACI Alpina spokes

    I am building myself some wheels, first real build. I have sourced some great value hubs and rims and now need to buy some spokes. I have found a company that sells ACI Alpina double butted stainless spokes at a very good price. Question is are they any good? Can I please have your opinions good...
  3. cyberknight

    lightweight wheels vs bladed spokes

    would i even notice the difference? i have some superstar wheels circa under 1500g but narrow rims so the tyres bulge over the rim versus some rs11s, 400 g heavier but a wider rim and bladed spokes
  4. figbat

    Noisy rear wheel - spokes?

    The rear wheel on my 29er hardtail is quite noisy. It appears to be the spokes and with a bit of pinching they seem a little loose. The wheel went in new a few months ago and seems to be true. It’s set up tubeless and adding pressure to the tyre reduces the noise. Sheldon Brown says that if...
  5. Andy in Germany

    32 or 36 Spokes?

    I'm looking at hub dynamos to build a front wheel and they're available in 32 or 36 spoke configurations. My natural inclination for my 26" wheeled, rim braked touring bike is to get a 36 spoke hub because I assume more spokes = more reliability and less chance of a long walk home because of a...
  6. C

    Spokes For Sale

    I have recently purchased some spokes for my bike but they sent the wrong ones which are too long for my requirements. They are 220mm in length and a total of 36 complete with nipples. Just thought they may be of use to someone. Looking for £7 ovno
  7. Chris S

    Interwoven spokes

    I've been told that at one time wheels with Sturmey Archer hubs didn't have their spokes interwoven. Is this true? If it is then why did manufacturers start doing it?
  8. G

    Rear spokes and wheel

    Hi I was out cycling this morning on my 6 week old Giant TCR carbon road bike. Halfway through the ride, one of my rear spokes came loose and the wheel felt as if it was misaligned (when I manually spun the wheel, it spun ok but then stopped when it came into contact with the brake pads. The...
  9. ruscle298

    Sapim Straight-Pull CX-Super Bladed Black "Super Spokes"

    Sapim straight-pull CX-Super bladed black "Super Spokes". 34 spokes. 304mm length. 15 gauge. Weight: 3.6 grams each. Lightest spoke made. Left over from a custom order made at the Belgum headquarters. Sapim 10mm internal aluminum nipples included if needed. On sale for $300
  10. stuarttunstall

    Damn...broken spokes....

    Well all started out so well.... Out on the Scott Sub Cross 10 this morning, 3 miles from home, loud bang from my bike ,,, Only to find two spokes in the rear wheel have snapped.... Not even on a rough road... made hell of a noise.. Thought I could put them out the way and ride home but the...
  11. beatlejuice

    Thoughts on a Bicycle Spoke Tension Meter

    Having had issues with broken spokes this advert caught my attention: https://adaptdeals.com/products/bicycle-spoke-tension-meter Has anyone had experience of using it, if is it any good and is it good value. Apologies if this has been question has been asked recently, I did briefly look...
  12. U

    Why do my spokes keep breaking? - Bike wheel science.

    3 in 3 months! Ridden for 3 years prior with no broken spokes. I get them fixed by lbs within a few days after each one has gone. Shizuoka hoy 1 bike, Commuting down canal towpath 8 miles each way with paneers with clothes and lunch in them. i weigh 87kgs and haven't put on weight recently...
  13. T675Rich

    Spokes Rubbing

    My front wheel started making a noise a couple of rides ago after a bit of investigation I think it is a couple of spokes rubbing as it wasn't the reflector and it didn't happen unless my bike was of the ground, it also didn't happen when I was turning on the bike, it's also not the mud guard...
  14. U

    Hanger Catching Spokes

  15. gazza19

    wheel spokes

    i have a pro rider evoyager electric bike and have noticed 2 spokes have snapped on the rear wheel i would be very grateful for any advice or any links to where i can get replace spokes they are 2mm diameter and 216mm in length thanks for any help given
  16. Chess

    I need spokes & Nipples please

    Hi all, Where's the best place to buy small quantities of spokes and nipples ? I need about 20 each of the most popular sizes in 26" and 700c. 248 and 284. I'll be buying online I guess unless someone knows of a seller in Huddersfield. Cheers.
  17. P

    Remove broken spokes

    I have a couple of broken spokes in the hub of my 1870's Ordinary cycle, the hub is made from brass and the spokes steel,there is just a small amount of spoke sticking out of the hole which I'm worried about breaking off if I use (mole) grips to grip them,The question is,has anyone any ideas how...
  18. P

    Where to get unusual size spokes

    I am currently restoring a 1870's penney farthing junior but need some spokes, the original ones are 407mm long and 3mm diameter (or imperial equivalent) the threads go for 2cm and these screw into the brass hub,the other end is a standard dome/mushroom head,what I want to do is cut threads on...
  19. EasyPeez

    Sapim Laser Spokes

    50 Sapim Laser spokes. Cut to length for rims with an internal width of 20mm and ERD of 590mm so should be compatible with any rims of ERD 589-591? These have been used for a wheel build but then the wheels were never used and taken apart again. Open to offers if they're of any use to anyone...
  20. beatlejuice

    186mm Spokes

    I ordered six 186mm spokes by mistake. I will put them in an envelope with 2nd class post and send them to you if you give a small donation to your favourite charity. PM me your details. beatlejuice
  21. chriscross1966

    Correct spokes for Shimano hubs into Sun CR18 rims

    Hi folks, I'm struggling to find a spoke calculator that knows about Sun's CR18 rims in 349 size, 36-hole and at the same time understands the hubs I'm using. Does anyone know one?... I want to lace a Shimano SG-S700 11-speed Alfine rear hub in 1x and a Shimano HB-M475 in radially for the front...
  22. C

    Back wheel to avoid broken spokes?

    My commuter (currently Whyte Shoreditch) has a 32-spoke back wheel, I check tension weekly and get it trued properly at every service, but I still snap a spoke every few weeks. I've replaced the wheel and indeed (for other reasons!) the bike, but the same thing always starts up again after a few...
  23. confusedcyclist

    Reusing spokes and nipples, cleaning tips?

    I'm rebuilding my rear wheel with a 11 speed compatible hub. This is my first time dismantling a previous build that's been in use for a while. The spoke threads have gunked up a bit as they were oiled during the initial build. So I cleaned the spokes down with a bit of WD-40 and wiped them off...
  24. KnackeredBike

    All spokes loose on new wheel

    I am having the worst of luck with my rear wheel. After a bit of bother I had a brand new Raleigh rear road wheel fitted by LBS, although the wheel was from Halfords. Cycling along today about 80km in and bike starts going from side to side. Stop and find that almost all the spokes are loose...
  25. johnnyb47

    Spokes keep going loose

    Hello all. The other week i had a spoke snap during my mid week ride, but since I've had the bike ( bought it second hand ) i am constantly finding loose spokes on the non drive side of my rear wheel. Obviously every time i find one ,i tighten it back up making sure the wheel stays nice and...
  26. Gareth

    Wanted: Spoke thread rolling tool.

    Wanted: Spoke thread rolling tool. Similar to, or more modern than the one shown in attached photo. If you have unused but working spoke thread rolling tool gathering dust I would like to buy it from you. Age of tool or head size unimportant: I can buy the correct size rollers if necessary, it...
  27. J

    Broken spokes

    hi newbie here, I have a 2016 trek allant hybrid which is just over a year old and done about 600 miles,about 3 weeks ago was riding up a hill (seated not pushing hard) and a spoke broke on the back wheel, took it back to the shop and they fixed it (£20) then yesterday was riding the London to...
  28. Globalti

    Specialized Tricross disc snapping spokes.

    I've just sold my little-used 2011 Tricross to a colleague who loves it and has started commuting on it. He's quite a large gentleman and this morning he tells me he broke a spoke on the way to work, so I'm going to go with him to the LBS at lunch time to fix it. Curiously this also happened...
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