1. TAV

    Good wheel truers in south Wales

    Hi can anyone on here recommend any good shops where I can get my wheels trued properly in south Wales.
  2. Porsche924

    Penderyn South Wales.

    This is where Penderyn Whiskey is distilled. Popular spot with tourists just on the edge of the Brecon Beacons and a nice Sunday morning ride.
  3. johnnyb47

    Its Snowing here in Wales

    Wohoo. Woke up this morning to see its Snowing. Real big fluffy snow flakes coming down. Winter has finally arrived 😁👍
  4. Dave7

    South Wales Iron Man today.

    My Niece's boyfriend is, at this moment competing in it. Its a 2 4 mile swim in the sea... ....followed by a 112 mile bike ride ......followed by a 26.2 mile marathon run. First question in my head was, how the hell do they do that!!!
  5. straas

    North Wales?

    Anyone here from North Wales? I'm looking for a scenic road bike route from Conwy over to Anglesey (LlanfairPg). Her mum's just outside conwy walls and her sisters on anglesey, so a good excuse for a ride over. I tried the A55 bike path but found it very stop / start with sharp angles, too much...
  6. johnnyb47

    Last day of my tour around Wales

    Hi. Sadly its the last day of my tour around Wales. Im travelling from Barmouth over to the borders of Shropshire today which is around 70 miles. The good news is that its dry and that there is a really strong westerly wind, so hopefully it will push me along quite nicely. Im guessing it will...
  7. tom73

    Steepest street moved to wales

    After campaigning it's official wales has steepest street. Don't think i'd give it go though.
  8. fossyant

    MTB Weekender North Wales - October 4-5-6th

    OK Posting early as we need to organise our busy lives, but same format, arrive Friday, beers, ride Sat, beers and fabulous food, ride Sunday, then go home Sunday evening (options to extend stay at my caravan as I have too much holiday, so if anyone want's an extra night or two....). Marin has...
  9. KneesUp

    World's steepest street - Wales or New Zealand?

    For a while now, Dunedin in New Zealand has officially been home to the steepest street in the world. However, Harlech in North Wales is now challenging it after they re-measured Pen Ffordd Llech. Baldwin Street, Dunedin is 35%, but it is claimed that Pen Ffordd Llech is 36% Decision due...
  10. 13 rider

    Dragon ride . Wales

    Looking for next year's sportive event I have come across this sportive based around Cardiff heading into the Beacon beacons . Any CCers done it the past ,what's it like routes etc. Tend to do 1 sportive a a year away from home last year it was etape Loch Ness looking for something different...
  11. dickyknees

    Well it seems the Velothon Wales is no more.

    Quote from an email I had this morning from Velothon Wales: “Following detailed discussions between the Velothon series owners IRONMAN, the Welsh Government Major Events Unit and local event delivery partners Run4Wales, we can now confirm there are no plans for Velothon Wales to continue in...
  12. fossyant

    CC MTB Weekender - North Wales - 6-7th April 2019

    OK, posting well in advance... We have a caravan in N.Wales, 45 mins from Llandegla and Gwydir (Marin). Who possibly fancies a weekend down here. Space for about 6 realistically (1 double bed - that's mine, one room is just 1 bed now, 1 room is 2 bed, and lounge can accommodate 2). All travel...
  13. S

    Round Wales / O Gwmpas Cymru

    Plan to do this next year. Anybody on here done it, have routes. Would be on a road bike so no "rough stuff" Thanks in advance.
  14. fossyant

    WRC Wales Rally - Anyone going ?

    Anyone going ? Me and my son are going for the first time. Our caravan is a good base. Son finishes college at 4pm on Thursday, so the plan is pick him up from there and try and get down Wales for the Tir Prince raceway opening stage (buy tickets on the door) as our caravan is just down the...
  15. Z

    Cycle to North Wales

    Day 1. Mini cycle tour I cycled from Cheshire to Abergele North Wales and camped out took took 5 days . The route I took from Handforth near Wimslow via Styal Mobberly Ollerton ,Toft. Lower Peover along the back lanes to Lach Dennis to Davenham and onto Old Chester road A556 down...
  16. Tilley

    South West and Wales Trike riders Facebook Group

    Last weekends ride from Exeter to Dawlish WarrenExe Valley Excursion by Tilley posted 3 Jun 2018 at 22:40
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