Any survivors on here, cardiac arrest, heart attack, cancer....

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  1. classic33

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    They never like being proved wrong.

    In A&E, many years ago, left arm had somehow moved and was now hanging down the side of the bed. I've got to assume he didn't like the colour, pulled the sheet up over my head, whilst shouting about me being left there.

    It was at this point that I moved, pulling the sheet back down. The doctor moved a bit quicker though.
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  2. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    Appointment came Thursday, for the end of next month.
    The following day it was cancelled.

    Anyone know how much CSF you have & how much you can "safely loose"?
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  3. OP

    Colin_P Veteran

    Don't know but if I were you I'd be eating plenty of raspberry jelly to top it back up. Birds trifle is also probably quite good too. :hugs:
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  4. flatflr

    flatflr Über Member

    Just over here
    Another update from me.

    It's now 3 months (to the day) after I had my "event" and ended up in the West Berks Cardiac Care Ward. I've completed phase 3 of my rehab with a great team from the Great Western Hospital (while I live in Berks I transferred my rehab to Wiltshire as it's closer to work (who have been fantastic)). Rehab consisted of a 6 week program starting with some light level exercise getting harder as one progressed, and shorts talks about cardiac health and generally looking after yourself. During the rehab I also built up my own training (with the knowledge and approval of the rehab team) so that I'm now getting back to where I was before it all happened (7 mile runs or 30 mins fairly hard on the turbo, up to twice each per week), with a much better diet and no smoking.

    Looking forward to really getting back into it in the new year and have a few challenges planned:smile:
  5. Drago

    Drago Soiler of Y fronts

    Been working hard regaining my cardio fitness as a consequence of last years surgery enforced lay off. Lots of running, shortish distances by and large, done at a fair lick, with a weekly longer run at a more sensible pace. RHR of 38. Ding dong!
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  6. JhnBssll

    JhnBssll Über Member

    I had a blood test on Tuesday and got called in to the surgery yesterday. Never a good sign :laugh:

    Fortunately the news was pretty positive overall - my kidney and liver function is now completely normal again :okay: Only took 18 months haha. The reason he needed to talk to me was despite the extra exercise and improved diet my lipids are still all over the shop :rolleyes: As a result I've been put on Atorvastatin for the foreseeable future - not the end of the world, just hoping i dont see any of the side effects...

    When I got home I phoned my dad for a chat and he told me he was about my age when he started taking statins and that both he and mum are both on atorvastatin now - They're both fit and healthy so I guess I'm just genetically predisposed to high blood fats :huh:
  7. Alan O

    Alan O Über Member

    Very similar with me. My dad had high cholesterol, and I had high cholesterol even when I was on a vegan diet (with no dietary cholesterol at all), so it seems genetic in my family. The good news for me is that I've suffered no side effects at all after 10 years on Atorvastatin - and if your mum and dad are both on it with no problems, the chances look pretty good for you too.
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  8. Just came across this thread and I wonder if anyone can help.
    A couple of years ago, I resuscitated a cyclist at Manchester velodrome by the side of the track.
    Luckily two of the young lads who worked there had had 1st aid training and got a defib machine by his side by the time I'd managed to get round the track and jump off a bike with no brakes.
    Also, very luckily for the chap in trouble, I am a qualified nurse who had been involved in several other resuscitations - I say very lucky cos this was no ordinary resus, and the only reason he is alive is because I recognised a major problem, and was able to resolve it quickly.
    I got quite a lot of the chaps blood in my mouth as he has collapsed full frontal onto his face - and obviously I wanted to meet him to see how he was ( I was told he recovered well), but I also wanted to check if he had any blood borne diseases, given the amount of his blood I got in my mouth - sadly the velodrome would not give me his details, but they said they had written to him and he said he had no known infections etc - I got the feeling the the velodrome management were trying to keep things quiet in case of bad publicity, though that is just a feeling and I could be wrong, but they never contacted me again to pass on any other info or offer any thanks etc (not that I needed thanks, but I would have loved to have stayed in touch with someone who is only alive cos somebody trained me well).
    Anyway, the guy in question could do with knowing what really happened (medically) that day cos it really was not a simple arrest and the information may help him?
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  9. OP

    Colin_P Veteran

    Placeholder, I'll try and cobble together a reply when I have more time.
  10. OP

    Colin_P Veteran

    Update from me.

    One of the nasty heart drugs I'm taking, Amiodarone, looks like it is causing liver problems and I've had a referal to chemical pathology. I amm quite worried about this as everything I google about liver problems seems to be bad news.
  11. flatflr

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    Just over here
    Update here. 6 months (to the day) update since my heart attack and I'm back to where I was before I got taken into hospital, in fact. I'd say that I'm better than where I was being smoke free (and no desire to start again) and a much improved diet.
    Not been out on the bike as much as I would like due to the weather but have been keeping at it on the turbo, and have been focusing on the running with 5 half marathon distance runs so far this year with the longest run being 16 miles and about to start my training for an ultra in July and a London to Paris in 24 hrs ride in June.
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  12. dave r

    dave r Dunking Diddy Dave Pedalling Pensioner

    Holbrooks Coventry
    Well done!
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  13. flatflr

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    Just over here
    Quick update here. Pretty much 9 month after my heart attack and over the weekend I completed a ride from London to Paris in under 24 hours (170 miles at 15.3mph ave.). Now I need to up the run training for an ultra marathon I have planned for July....
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  14. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    Well done. :bravo:

    At first glance I thought you had RUN from London to Paris and had a 'WTF' moment... :laugh:
  15. flatflr

    flatflr Über Member

    Just over here
    Don't go giving me ideas ;)
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