Any survivors on here, cardiac arrest, heart attack, cancer....

Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by Colin_P, 8 Sep 2014.

  1. OP

    Colin_P Veteran

    Update from me.

    One of the nasty heart drugs I'm taking, Amiodarone, looks like it is causing liver problems and I've had a referal to chemical pathology. I amm quite worried about this as everything I google about liver problems seems to be bad news.
  2. flatflr

    flatflr Über Member

    Just over here
    Update here. 6 months (to the day) update since my heart attack and I'm back to where I was before I got taken into hospital, in fact. I'd say that I'm better than where I was being smoke free (and no desire to start again) and a much improved diet.
    Not been out on the bike as much as I would like due to the weather but have been keeping at it on the turbo, and have been focusing on the running with 5 half marathon distance runs so far this year with the longest run being 16 miles and about to start my training for an ultra in July and a London to Paris in 24 hrs ride in June.
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  3. dave r

    dave r The Little Diesel

    Holbrooks Coventry
    Well done!
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  4. flatflr

    flatflr Über Member

    Just over here
    Quick update here. Pretty much 9 month after my heart attack and over the weekend I completed a ride from London to Paris in under 24 hours (170 miles at 15.3mph ave.). Now I need to up the run training for an ultra marathon I have planned for July....
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  5. ColinJ

    ColinJ Hillfinder General

    Well done. :bravo:

    At first glance I thought you had RUN from London to Paris and had a 'WTF' moment... :laugh:
  6. flatflr

    flatflr Über Member

    Just over here
    Don't go giving me ideas ;)
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