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At the risk of sounding like Billy no mates (though not as embarassing as the man who smells a few posts down) I wondered how most people liked to ride out?

I much prefer exercising with a mate when I get the chance, go with lads from Rugby when jogging and when up to the gym. However, not one of my mates has any interest in cycling, bar one in Oxford, and im not up to that distance of ride just yet. :smile:

Been ok at present getting out, but worried that when the novelty of going out on my new bike wears out, i'll be less inclined to go alone. Hrs of work mean i'd struggle to make a club as regularly as id want too, so looking at other ways of keeping myself motivated. Was going to sign up for the Great Yorks ride till i realised it is next week!!!!!!!!!!


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I prefer riding with other people, but can't usually find other people who want to do so. More of a problem now in my late 50s than it used to be. It's a case of Billy No Cycling Mates.

On the other hand I do enjoy riding alone, so still go out often, and I use a bike as general local transport so it's only the same as walking or driving around alone which is the normal way of things.


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I do both - most of my group rides are with forum people, or a few other friends, but I can get out and ride all day alone too.

If alone, the main problem is the initial "go on, go out!" moment. Once I'm riding, I keep going. If I have to meet people of course, I'm committed.


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I actually quite enjoy cycling alone. I can go cycling when I want, at what speed I want, I can stop when I feel like it, I can slow down to admire a view, etc whenever I want to.

That's not to say I don't enjoy cycling with mates and family, I do but a lot of my riding is spur of the moment stuff, or I can't predict exactly when I can go out due to other unpredictable tasks, work etc.

I can't offer any advice except to say it hasn't put me off since I re-took up cycling some years ago.


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cycle with a club when you can, and then you will make cycling friends who will be willing to come out with you outside of club hours. most clubs you don't have to join straight away, so make friends quick and then don't go out with the club anymore :biggrin:

or, incorporate your riding into your commute so that you are "going somewhere" (it gives you a goal) rather than just riding a loop for the sake of it.

other than that, invest in an ipod.


Off road cycling with a friend or three is good fun. Cycling with a group on tarmac is less sociable, IMO, unless you pick your roads carefully because you can't chat as much.

I spent today riding the Basingstoke Canal with a friend. I thought it was about 1:30 when we got back to the car, it was actually close to 4:30. I didn't notice the miles or the hours passing because we were gassing about everything as we rode.

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User3143 said:
Have no problem riding on my own, reponsible to yourself, no one else and you can do what you want.
I agree. Sometimes I go out with the club, but most of the time I just go out on my own.

I don't have to get up extra early to meet the club.
I don't have to belt it to the club meet because I overslept.
I can go at what pace I like.
I can go out at whatever time I like.
I can choose my own route.
As other folk have posted; sometimes I like the company of a group but other times I like the freedom of a solo ride: stop/start when I want, fast/ slow I want, take the route I want and the freedom to alter it, etc. In the middle of no where you can switch off and admire the scenery too, without having to worry about a rider immediately in front or behind you.


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I cycle alone at the moment, because my hours of work are not always good for meeting other people, but if i waited for someone to go with, I would never get out there, so a mixture of the two is good in my eyes.


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Apart from taking part in a few group rides for vintage bikes, I always ride alone. I like to do so, time on the bike is my time away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.
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