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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Salvo, 16 Aug 2012.

  1. Salvo

    Salvo Member

    Anyone in the Hull area needed to be my cycling partner. I can do upto 50 miles but prefer short and regular. This may increase as I was seriously injured when knocked off my bike and lost a lot of fitness. I live in Hessle and can be quite flexible with time. I have road and mountain bikes so take your choice.
  2. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    Atop a Ti
    Hi Salvo, welcome to Cycle Chat.
    Have you checked to see if you have a CTC group who does local rides?
  3. Pedal pusher

    Pedal pusher Senior Member

    I would love a cycle buddy but I'm in Scotland sorry. Welcome to the forum hope u find someone to ride with
  4. Carl_saint

    Carl_saint Regular

    I would also love a cycling buddy but I'm in Leeds! A little too far me thinks!
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  5. TonyEnjoyD

    TonyEnjoyD Veteran

    I think the mods should set up a cycling buddy section - waddya think?
  6. Carl_saint

    Carl_saint Regular

    Good idea!
  7. Col5632

    Col5632 Veteran

    Tug Benson is in your area ;)
  8. Davos87

    Davos87 Über Member

    North Yorkshire
    I have a cycling mate for regular rides and we enjoy our usual 30+ rides and we always find time to have a couple of pints somewhere along the way. I do go out cycling on my own at times but although still enjoyable it just seems tougher somehow.
  9. defy-one

    defy-one Guest

    Great idea!
    I'm in Iver Heath,between Uxbridge and Slough :smile:
  10. Smoggie_87

    Smoggie_87 Active Member

    I'm currently living in Hull - although I'm fairly new to just cycling for the hell of it - slowly getting my fitness up. How old are ya? And what's your usual average speed?
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  11. jim55

    jim55 Über Member

    thats a crackin idea ,,some peeps just arent ready to join a cycling club for whatever reason,i think that would get a lot of interest
  12. LegsRsore

    LegsRsore Active Member

    Cracking idea. I too would like a bit of company whilst building myself up to decent distances.
  13. defy-one

    defy-one Guest

    Can a mod or Shaun answer this?
    Do we have another section or a sticky with following info?

    Type of cycling (road,mixture,offroad)
    Average speed
    Starting point (i.e Marble Arch)
    Starting time(s)

    Anyone interested could then PM the member and arrange
  14. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    Atop a Ti

    Yes, it's called the CC & Informal rides section.
    This is how the Sunday London Ride started.
    Someone wanted a ride partner, people answered the call and it grew from there.
  15. OP

    Salvo Member

    oh sorry I have not replied, my laptop was damaged and just managed to have it repaired now. I have joined skyrider since my last post but I am open to the idea of organising a local group and we can do this through skyrider and take advantage of all the facilities...any takers? Smoggie_87 you may well like can get me on Rob
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