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The Hump sale is back on at Freewheel, everything under a tenner .... Mitts £2, Gloves £5, Waterproof Backpacks £10, Jackets £10 Etc Etc.
The waterproof baclkpack for a tenner is great value (or was with free postage). Just a word of warning for regular wet weather users - I found that the zipped pocket let in water as the zip doesn't have any covering, although the main compartment stayed completely dry. However that was in a deluge on Monday morning, so may be better in normal wet conditions and I did at least have my phone in a separate plastic bag in the zip pocket.


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Shame it is not free postage this time.


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Ale bib shorts reduced from "£160" to £65 in black & white, sizes M to XXL available & spend another £10 to get £10 off with code CLEAR2021

I ordered a pair last week & they are very comfy 👍
Sizing I presume if UK large go to XL ?


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I selected the £80 ones (black / yellow) and the code still didn't work for me. Supposed to give me a tenner off but it just takes an age to try and load the page but doesn't apply any discount or error code.
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