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Continental Gran Prix 5000 - 700c x 25 or 28mm £34.99 each plus postage. Delivery from 27th June.
They've had those for months (note, if not a member won't be able to see your link)


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They'd be £74.97 from SportPursuit including postage (flat rate postage, so can add lots of other bits too :whistle:). Very good retailer, use a lot. Don't do free returns but can get that if pay with paypal :okay:


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A friend of mine always paid full marked price for a product on the grounds that 'you get what you pay for' as if exactly the same product at a lower price was somehow inferior.


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Some gems amongst the junk in The Range clearance online.

Going out of stock fairly rapid bit there may still be a few bits for people on there.

Last night there where large panniers for £1.75 which I missed, but I did manage to snag some budget frame locks for 0.75p each, the kind I would expect to pay £7 or so for so nice bargain for me to chuck on a few of my bikes that do not have them.


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some of the details when you look are extraordinary:okay::laugh::wacko:|ampid:PL_CLK|clp:2563228

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