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Nicked a route from @tallliman to Boston, couple of little tweaks to pick up some different squares saw me bag 60 new squares and increase the max cluster by 58. Max cluster now links directly with Boston from Leicester. (Previously it went to Boston but via Lincoln.)

@tallliman your route was great, all the roads were proper tarmac and in pretty good condition apart from one. The one up Brown's Drove at Swineshead Bridge turned into a dirt track and then turned into a field road through a ploughed field, it was okay today because it was dry, but would be horrendous to do in the wet. It wasn't much fun doing it on a knackered front wheel but it was for two squares and it looks like that is the only way to them so I had to plough on :rolleyes:


Followed @Supersuperleeds but about 4 hrs later. 40ish new squares....max cluster now connected to Leicester too
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