What have you bought for the bike today ?


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Decided our existing locks are woefully Inadequate for ebikes so just bit the bullet and went to Halfords and brought myself a Magnum cable lock, 13mm thick wire rope and a hoofing great lock mechanism. Size wont bother me, it can sit in my rucksack, particularly when commuting starts soon. £40...
My wife brought the smaller version, her bike is less visible to the public in the school she works at.


Roval cl50 wheelset, a pair of gp5000 tl and a pair of Ultegra 6800 callipers because my fsa callipers won’t open wide enough for the new rims

Bike will look great :smile:


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Today, I bought my bike 2 presents and also 1 for me.

For the bike : A Wahoo ELEMNT & Some Garmin Vector 3 Pedals.

For me : New Cycling sunglasses.

On Saturday I will have to get new shoes to go with the new pedals as I currently ride with SPD cleats and the new pedals will require Look Keo ones.
Bought a brand new Airbone copy pump from a friend who had accidentally ordered 3 somehow

He brought it round....along with my mini pump that I had been searching for and had bought the 'airbone' to replace - I'd forgotten I'd lent it him! :biggrin:

Nevermind, the new one is dinky and light


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North Yorkshire
Got a Garmin 130 cycle computer to accompany my Varia RTL510 radar tail light (see above) Got it on ebay, (new unused) for £106.00 inc. Look forward to receiving it, if it’s as good a deal as it looks I shall be a happy bunny. ^_^


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A couple of Conti tubes that are heavily discounted at the mo in Halfords
Don't forget to check the valves before you try to inflate them.
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