What have you bought for the bike today ?


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East Kent coast
I bought a complete bike today to replace my modern BMC which I sold this morning.

these have been on my radar for a while, and this one is my size, virtually unused and the right price so I grabbed it and I’m collecting it in the morning.

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I know the purists will be a bit sniffy about it, but I couldn’t care less, for me it’s a nice useable steel framed road bike with a retro twist which reminds me of the bikes I lusted after when I was a kid, so perfect for a slow, and nostalgic 55 year old.
Very nice: didn't realise there were only 125 produced. Classic Ti Raleigh colours, a Reynolds frame and modern Campagnolo brakes & gears - a lovely bike:smile:


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This bad boy arrived in the post today!

That's what I call a successful trip!
LOL yeah! :laugh:

The best bit is the free advice. I'm good with parts, but there's no substitute for asking someone "is this the right tool to do X?"


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Ordered a shiny silver alloy stem cap from Kapz to match my shiny new alloy stem and handlebars. The old black one just looks wrong
My new stem cap arrived yesterday. The guy I ordered it from (Kapz) phoned a couple of days ago to say he wasn’t happy with the finish of the polished alloy and suggested doing it in stainless steel or titanium instead. I plumped for steel and he did it for free, sending me both the alloy and the steel version. Extremely happy with the product and the service. As it happens, I slightly prefer the shiny, more ‘distressed’ alloy version - matches the rider!

Picture of it fitted to appear shortly on the fettled thread...

Colin Grigson

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I gave my new (to me) bike 2 x new tyres and tubes - Continental GrandPrix 5000 700C x 25 ... they look lovely and my very helpful LBS assured me it’ll be a much more comfy ride with them fitted ... can’t wait to get out on them now !. The tyres were supposed to be €50 each and the tubes €9 each + fitting and they kindly charged me €100 fitted .... no receipt of course !
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