What have you bought for the bike today ?


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I bought my bike, a friend

It probably had nothing to do with it but wearing my bright blue gabba against a bright blue sky on Sunday I got a lot of close passes and my mind started to wonder to a new more conspicuous helmet. I saw one I quite liked on special offer on a web site advert but typically it was out of stock. I did find though the model below for an OK'ish price (I doubt its discounted as much as they claim) but I ordered it.

It came today :okay:



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New rims built into our tandem hubs picked up from LBS after recent mishap.



An order from SJS cycles for my permanent loan MTB.
The seatpost clamp and seatpost had “gone”, it was supposed to be a 27.2mm post but measured 26.9/27.00 in the callipers and kept slipping and sliding no matter how tight it was. Also took the opportunity to purchases shim to fit an adjustable stem I have in stock to play around with the height of the bars as they feel a little low and two sets of brake pads as the current set are on their last legs.

I also took the opportunity to purchase a cheap seatpost rack and pannier bags to shove on so I don’t have to juggle school gear when doing the school rides. Both from EBay with a total cost of about £13!
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