What Have You Fettled Today?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by threebikesmcginty, 29 Sep 2011.

  1. bpsmith

    bpsmith Veteran

    Sounds like you’re a happy customer then. Looking forward to mine arriving.
  2. si_c

    si_c Veteran

    Pulled the 330mm seatpost and fitted a 400mm as not been happy with the position of late, and not had anymore seatpost I could pull out.

    Need to figure out the position now. But a bit higher and already feels better.
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  3. JhnBssll

    JhnBssll Über Member

    Second ride out on the Bianchi today so did a bit of fine tuning. Saddle went up quite a bit, ~8mm, and dropped the nose a smidge. I'm not convinced the bars are quite right but will go on another quick spin on Friday afternoon to do a bit more fettling before the first Sportive of the year on Sunday.... Only 40 miles so it doesn't have to be spot on but would be nice to get it close... The Roubaix is set up really nicely now but it'd be a shame to miss the opportunity to take the new bike out :laugh:

  4. Lol, I put the elbow pads on the tt bars last night and started to tape them only to find out I hadn't enough so it'll be a trip to the lbs at lunch
  5. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    Anticipating that Spring weather might be arriving soon and that the roads will stop being salted, I got the Raleigh out to fit some upgrade parts I've had stored away for a while.

    I've serviced the wheel bearings, fitted a 9 speed 11-34T cassette, chain, new thumb shifters (and cables) to match and set it all up. I now have some ridiculously low gearing to play with and am looking forward to a shakedown ride.

    I intend to cascade the 8 speed thumb shifters down to the knockabout bike as although I like grip shifters, they turn the opposite way, which gets confusing when switching between bikes. This bike will need a stripdown to clean and service it soon as it's had a very hard winter.
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  6. I fitted new TT bars pre winter and training on them was going well until a few weeks back when I passed a haemorrhoid and I.m no longer getting power out when in the bars. Today after the first time on the road with the new position I decided to move the bars up 20mm. It could go up another 5mm but I'll need to find 5mm spacer.

    I think I might need to do something with the road bike too, I'll wait till after the weekend and I might try flipping its stem.
  7. si_c

    si_c Veteran

    Mrs C was out last night, so took over the kitchen and finally got round to fitting the aero extensions I bought for the commuter. It's probably a bit late now, but I've been getting fed up of headwinds, and these might help!
  8. dave r

    dave r The Little Diesel

    Holbrooks Coventry
    I finished off the Eastway this afternoon. Wheel bearings front and rear stripped cleaned and regreased, I was in two minds about doing the front, it was quite smooth and quiet, but I'm glad I did as the grease had turned to a black sludge, the rough rear was in the same condition but now is as smooth as silk, new cassette and chain fitted, indexing checked and a little runout on the rear rim corrected, just got to give it a polish now.
  9. I fitted new bar tape to the TT bars, cleaned the bike chain and pumped up its tyres for tomorrow.
  10. DCLane

    DCLane Found in the Yorkshire hills ...

    Been playing this afternoon;

    The Peugeot Premiere is finished after I got the rear wheel tidied up: DSCF5365.JPG

    That was followed by finishing new tyres on the Keith Lambert, although I'm not happy about the front one:


    Then fitted a rear mudguard extension to the Eastway and new rear gear cable outer for the last bit.

    Just the purple Peugeot and my new Moulton Midi arrival to work on now. Oh, and to decide what to do with the Carlton.
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  11. RealLeeHimself

    RealLeeHimself Just keep peddling, just keep peddling...

    Indexed gears on two bikes, cleaned chains on three, and aligned brakes on two. When my son did his Bikeability, the school left the bikes out in the snow (I was not impressed at the time!), and I've found tiny bits on rust on the chain and sprockets. Took a bit of cleaning, but all sorted now. Bike was new at Christmas! Did all this using my new maintenance stand from Lidl. Cracking piece of kit. Not even a wobble. Also used my Lidl track pump which I was not expecting much from, however, while being cheap and cheerful, it works quite well.
  12. Elybazza61

    Elybazza61 Veteran

    Finished building a new rear wheel for the Trek utility bike; Shimano XT hub with Halo White Line rim and DT Swiss spokes.

    Might actually be getting my head around this wheel building lark.
  13. I've just put 28mm tyres on the spare wheels the frame supposed to be ok for them I'll find out soon :ohmy:
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  14. Jenkins

    Jenkins Veteran

    100mm stem fitted to the main commuter to replace the 110mm standard item and the bars rotated slightly upwards. .
  15. BianchiVirgin

    BianchiVirgin Well-Known Member

    Norn Iron
    Got some old childrens' bike ready for collecting by charity shop.
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