What Have You Fettled Today?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by threebikesmcginty, 29 Sep 2011.

  1. Shearwater Missile

    Shearwater Missile Well-Known Member

    Removed and cleaned chain wheels, cleaned chain and cassette, on the CB. Decided I could`nt stand another outing in the wind this week so a good day for cleaning.
  2. JhnBssll

    JhnBssll Über Member

    Put up a couple of banners to decorate the garage slightly :okay::laugh:

  3. tom73

    tom73 Über Member

    You sure it's a garage and not a shrine ;)
  4. I bought a rather beaten up old pewter tankard at a jumble sale today. I thought that it would be fun trying to reshape it.
    I found that I could get most of the dents out by pressing them out with my fingers and thumbs. The first picture is how it looked after easing some of the dents out. The other dents which were a bit more difficult I used a wooden hammer handle to ease them out.
    The final pictures show how it looked after a polish. IMGP9843.JPG IMGP9848.JPG

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  5. Shearwater Missile

    Shearwater Missile Well-Known Member

    Re-wrapped the bar tape on the Claude Butler, putting strips of old gel tape on the tops and into the hooks to make a more comfortable ride, hopefully. Incidentally, I use Cinelli gel tape and this is easy to unwrap and re-use. I think that as I get older comfort is more important especially over those hidden pot holes lurking in the puddles.
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  6. I wondered why I bought in red plastic (sorry, "composite") bottle cages at work.....I found the answer today. Think it now needs a lime green mini-pump And I don't care if non-GPS computers are old hat...


  7. Low Gear Guy

    Low Gear Guy Senior Member

    The refurbishment of the Specialized is now completed. Cables and rear shifter replaced, new tires and saddle and mudguards added. Alas I had to get the bottom bracket changed by the LBS as I was unable to shift the crank with the tools available.

    Yesterdays trial run was challenging with two roads blocked by falen trees and a headwind that reduced me to the granny ring on the flat. WP_20190310_11_21_54_Pro.jpg
  8. Shearwater Missile

    Shearwater Missile Well-Known Member

    I thought that I would share this with you. After several occasions when my chain jumped the chain rings, which was I thought perhaps of a poor gear change but more than likely coincided with a poor road surface I decided to do something about it. When I bought my Vitus it had a chain catcher already built in. Now I know that you can buy them but looked at how they worked. I used an old cycle light mounting bracket which had the same diameter as the seat tube. I then angled it so that is did`nt foul the inner chain ring. It works, simples ! The chain has not jumped off since. I dare say that others have made their own chain catchers as well so don`t want to infringe other copyrights !
    Homemade chain catcher.jpg
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  9. DCLane

    DCLane Found in the Yorkshire hills ...

    Cleaned the Wilier Montegrappa commuter because the Raleigh Pioneer only had 3 brake pads. Then ...

    A new full set of brake pads arrived today for the Raleigh Pioneer; I think the old ones were original so were 23 years old. And in need of changing. It's now got some nice Clarkes ones fitted. Total cost: £5 from Bankrupt Bike Parts.
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  10. Justinitus

    Justinitus Someone mention cake??

    6F6822F1-38B4-44A7-9ADD-112569EBAA7C.jpeg 0D1833BD-2949-4744-AEAB-750B6EF88572.jpeg

    Spent an enjoyable couple of hours devising and making a tablet holder for when I’m on the turbo trainer. I cobbled it together from some scraps of board leftover from when I did out the loft. I first mounted it to an old speaker stand but with the weight of the iPad it was a tad more unsteady than I’d have liked. So I took it off and used the clamp on my Lidl bike maintenance stand to hold it. Adjustable height/angle and rock solid! Me pleased :laugh:
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  11. Shearwater Missile

    Shearwater Missile Well-Known Member

    I like it. It can always double for the sermons on Sunday ! Reminds me of a paper holder I once made for doing photographic printing.
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  12. Reynard

    Reynard Veteran

    Cambridgeshire, UK
    Cleaned Wiggy and oiled the drivetrain after being caught in that biblical rain yesterday.

    Also have finally managed to trace the source of the annoying rattle when the chain's on the big ring up front. :wahhey: Just need to work out how to fix it now... :scratch:
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  13. Elybazza61

    Elybazza61 Veteran

    Stripped down the Robinson and gave it a good clean in prep for a re-fresh;


    And now have the Ultegra spec di2 hydro shifters on and plumbed in to the hoses (working fine but might give them a bleed to firm up the lever feel),bigger cassette and Ultegra RX rear mech on plus all the Di2 bits fitted;



    And now on charge;


    Just have to fettle cable position run(may move battery holder to down tube),fit new SKS Blumels mudguards and fit all the dynamo bits.

    Also waiting on some single chainring bolts to fit Hope chainring as trying out a 1x11 set up first.
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  14. Elybazza61

    Elybazza61 Veteran

    Chain rubbing? If so may just need a tweak on the cable adjuster .
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  15. Shearwater Missile

    Shearwater Missile Well-Known Member

    Not to do with `Trim` on the FD ? or possibly cable has slipped in the cable clamp. I had this happen on the rear deraileur.
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