What Have You Fettled Today?


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Changed the chain,cassette and jockey wheels on the commuter,also had a new chainring to fit but in a rush,stripped a couple of bolts fitting the new one.I had an old ultegra crankset with a worn chainring so took the bolts from that and then decided to use this ultegra crankset(original from bike replaced with 105 crankset) and fit the new 105 chainring.Success which just left the pedals to swap over..Q lots of swearing until I remembered Ive got an impact driver😁..took a few seconds with that.Job done.
Washed the mountain bike and washed the summer bike which was used in place of the commuter is some crap conditions during the week


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More defettling today with the TSDZ2 motor now 95 % dismantled and nothing obviously wrong other than I only found two not three springs from one part of it - have brushed and searched the area where I took that bit apart with a bright front light and no sign of the third one. Meanwhile did get a couple of slime tubes on the road bike yesterday (local Halfords complete stock of them).


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First job was to fit the front rack. Being a Tubus Tara Duo Lowrider, it needs bolting on the inside fork legs aswell as the outers. But the fingers wouldn't fit around the spokes. So the front wheel had to come out. Then I had to compress the rack a bit so the mounting holes lined up. Having fumbled and dropped the bolt numerous times which caused the spacers to roll under the side unit a couple times I got the thing fitted.
But there was a problem. The mudguard was warped at the front. Messing with the stays endlessly did no good. It's borked. So, the old cream guards came out and had to be fitted. Cue endless faffing about with nuts, bolts, dremelling holes and patching holes. But they're fitted.
Then the rear rack had to be fitted. As it's a non disc brake specific rack, numerous washers and spacers in the correct order need to be use and as with the front rack and mudguards, lots of clumsy bolt dropping and spacer/washer recovery front under the couch and side unit ensued.
Checked the panniers for fitting and all is well.
Much swearing and shouting did not happen. At all. Honest. :whistle:
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Assembled the seat/boom/steerer mount correctly, and estimated the correct position on the boom from various photographs of original machines. Assembled the steerer bearing and new horizontal steerer, then added two titanium "uprights" for the left and right hand grips.
Checked position and adjusted for left and right turns, to confirm clearances around seat when turning.

Seat and support 13Jan20 1.jpg

Seat and support 13Jan20 2.jpg

Slapped forehead on discovering the chain line from front to rear will slice right through seat base and support. Doh !
Collected pencil, rubber and scrap paper en-route to destination at desk.
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On the Hase the seat base frame is in the middle of the main tube.
Also the Hase seat base has a lower/deeper frame to allow clearance for the top chain tube.

It looks like the lower chain-line will also go through the handlebars, if so they will need moving as well!

Good luck.
Swapped the saddle from my touring bike to my commuter, and fitted my new Brooks Flyer to the tourer, with all due ceremony of course.

Took the pedals on the commuter to bits, repacked the bearings and tightened them: they're really scrap but hopefully I can get a couple more months out of them (Ie: long enough to get a job so I can pay for new pedals)

Hopefully the replacement toe clips will arrive today and I can fit those too.


Made a truck for my workstand to be able to wheel it out of the way (and not bang my head on the clamp arm) - it's a Park Tool professional stand -the one with the VERY HEAVY baseplate. Truck consists of a square of plywood with stretchers underneath along each edge and 80mm rubber wheeled swivelling castors at each corner, with the base plate located and held in place with strips of timber to make a sort of tray. Castors lock (and even have Park Tool blue locking levers :okay:) for when it's in use. The truck means that I can wheel it away to the corner of the garage with the baseplate tucked under one of the work-benches. Genius!

It's just another item on castors to make best use of the space - 2 or 3 woodworking machines can also be wheeled out when I want to use them.

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