What Have You Fettled Today?


An afternoon off today so I swapped over the tyres on my Raleigh Ti Rep


The original 7 year old Challenge tubular were badly cracked and pretty hopeless if you get a puncture.


So after a lot of deliberation I bought a set of these, the most expensive tyres I've ever bought at £96 a pair :ohmy:


It was the right decision as they look very similar to the originals but take a traditional tube. I think they look stunning!



I've kept the originals for safe keeping, together with the original Concor leather saddle, pedals, toeclips and white bar tape so it can all be put back to standard if ever I decide to sell it.


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It's possible some old-school riders will cry seeing what I've done to a working gripshift, but first, drill, dremel and hand-files all came out yesterday for fettling the left handlebar end on my recumbent e-trike; electrical cabling for the crank drive's throttle and the bar-end "kill switch" now run down through the Al tube to an exit in a hole half-way up the internal fixing of the (now redundant) twist grip.

01 Handlebar holes 705.jpg

The old grip shift's internal spring was removed (its rotation is now limited by an M3 bolt inserted and epoxied into the internal guide), a path for the 6mm cable drilled through from the elbow, the internal bore of the plastic adjuster nut drilled out too, and now the multi-core cable can run out in the same route as the original gear cable.

04 Left Hand cable route 705.jpg

05 Left Hand cable route covered 705.jpg

A SPST latchable on/off switch was epoxied into an offcut of 22mm tubing, then inserted into the bar end. That'll work as the "kill switch" for the Togsheng motor, should something go wrong :eek:

The rubber grips needed trimming to take acount of the curve, but the end result has everything at fingertip reach - brake, throttle and kill switch.
02 Left hand eTrike bar completed 705.jpg

03 Left Hand positioning 705.jpg

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Just changed my tubeless rear wheel . The old one was being to show wear after 7000 miles . Having never changed a tubeless before was slightly worried I wouldn't get it to seat . I haven't been unhappy with the stock gavia tyres that came with the bike so replaced like for like as I now the tyre rim combo were designed together and works . Did have to use a co2 canister to blow it on the rim but the job went smoothly and it's holding air


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How to salvage a Raleigh fork with a longish steerer that has 26tpi threading but was mistakenly cut for a 26.4mm crown race NOT BY ME (thus requiring a frankenheadset).

1. Cut off old threads.

2. Get the fork die and cutting oil and re-thread to ISO.

3. Test for smoothness and perpendicularity with fussy alloy threaded race.

It's still long enough for a 21 1/2" frame. Came off a 23".

Here's the fork and the old 26tpi threaded bit. See the difference? It's quite hard.



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The Wilier's off the road until I repair an Ultegra shifter, with a second breaking yesterday. So, out comes the Ridgeback Platinum audax bike - unused for over a year since a 600km last June - which got a deep clean and removal of audax-related paraphenalia.

My son's Argon TT bike had issues on Saturday's TT. First the brakes kept catching on the wheel, then he got a flat. Not a good day for him.

Old tub off, new one to be stretched.

Then we set to on his TRP brakes. The E-116 Argon has known issues with these brakes and we'd not looked at them. Cue 3 of us (him, his engineering-student brother and me) working out how to dismantle, clean, re-grease and put them back together. Argon helpfully supplied a detailed manual but it was still complicated.

They're cleaner and now move but we still need to renew front and rear brake cables with new adjusters that have been ordered.

The deadline is Saturday for another TT so cables are scheduled for tomorrow evening.
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Cleaned my Ridgeback Platinum and son's BeOne after our ride today.

Then set to work on his Argon TT bike's wierd brakes (TRP brakes on an E-116). With him we dismantled and re-cabled the front, tidying the bodge of previous installation. After a break began work on the back, which is more problematic: the outer cable is fed through the frame in several places, coupled to an adjuster then a v-brake connector. No wonder they're deemed troublesome :blink:

Still waiting on the adjusters to arrive so the front's almost complete and the rear will take a bit more time. We'll finish this job tomorrow hopefully ...


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Re taped two bikes


Forgot to take a picture of both afterwards :laugh:



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Continued progress on son's Argon E-116: new Continental Competition tub stuck on and front brakes working having been re-cabled. Rear brake is a pain; the v-brake style TRP right/left sections won't work properly together. They're all full of fiddly screws/levers/springs and are abysmal to set up correctly. Almost there though ...
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Cleaned the Racelight - took it offroad on Monday and it was filthy.

Also noticed the deraileur hanger was a little bent which explained the funny shifting - not dirty as I'd thought. Bent the hanger back more or less into place - much better than it was - although it could probably do with being done properly at the LBS. I'll get them to look at it next time I'm down there.
Er - Why?
Because found myself wanting to rest hands in that way on the flat bar. Its actually OK.

Had the bike weighed today. 8.3kg. Very pleased and still spent under £500 building it.


Got a floor pump. Nothing special.


Got these gatorskin tyres. Took my existing ones off and realised they are even lighter already (rubino pro). Returned the gatorskins to halfrauds.


Got some glasses.


Some bontrager silicone grips and carbon bottle holder.

And ensuite coming along good in the HMO.



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Finished my son's Argon E-116 brake re-build; they now work better than they've done in a year. Whilst checking it over I noticed the jockey wheels were a bit gummed up so fitted new red ones. All ready for Saturday's TT near Doncaster and hopefully he'll not have a mechanical this time - photo from last Saturday in Darlington

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