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Another get out of the house ride up at 0800 checked the weather app and forecast of 40 mph winds after 10. So out the door at 0845 for an hour so decided on a hilly route . In to Newtown Linford as mentioned on yesterday's ride it was deserted again surreal
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On the right is the entrance to Bradgate park Leicestershire's busiest beauty spot anyone local will have never seen it this quiet .
Onto the first climb of the day Sharply hill the legs instantly started complaining yesterday effort was still being felt . Down Warren hill and bit of up and down before Woodhouse Eaves and onto the big climb of the day Beacon hill the biggest individual climb around here . I don't do it very often as its normally quite busy traffic wise and there are quieter climbs nearby . Today 1 car past me as I climbed it was going to do an effort up it but the legs had different ideas so spun my way up . A bit of relief with some downhill before turning right onto Priory lane straight on to a short steep climb then a quick descent then a longer steep climb which just gets steeper as you go an evil climb . Turned right at the crossroads and continued climbing to Copt Oak then looped back on myself back into Priory lane for another 12% section before turning on to Polly Botts but thankfully going down it today ^_^. A quick descent back to Newtown and home 16.2 miles with 1800ft of upness @14.8 mph considering the headwind and hills I'll take that .

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that road so devoid of traffic.

13 rider

A cheeky 2nd ride of the day !! Don't worry all within the government's guidelines . Had a phone call from my 75 year old neighbour ,did I have any spare milk ? . Don't worry I said I will fetch some so the hybrid got a weekend outing . 1 mile downhill to the shop then 1 mile back up with the pannier full of a 2 litre milk and some yellow stickers cobs 4 for 25p some for me and some for the neighbour which he was thankful for . Had a long chat at a distance to him I don't think he'd seen anyone for a week .I don't think he could believe I'd riden up the hill to home within all the shopping
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This morning little potter
:eek: I thought the Guillotine had been banned! You must live in a high crime area or, is it like a big Mouse Trap for catching Graffiti Artists!


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Still sunny here but much colder with the wind than it was in the week, I had been riding to work in shorts and short sleeves but had to resort to winter wear today. Set off to Northwood, got half a mile up the lane and noticed that I had forgotten my water bottle so turned round to get it and tried again. Into the wind to Whixall where there are signs by Dobsons Bridge asking people to avoid using the tow path, onto Fenns Bank, Alkington, Hollinswood, Coton, Abbeygreen, Waterloo, Edstaston, Poolhead, Foxholes,Ryebank, Creamore, Horton and back home. Saw a few other cyclists, walkers with and without dogs, 2 runners and a horse rider all easily passed with the required distance, less traffic than usual though. 21.97 miles in the cold wind.

Picture from Fenns Bank.

Mr Celine

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Wow. I was overtaken today by two vans, a farm pickup towing a trailer and five cars. In 33 miles. :eek:

Having spent the week finishing the summer bikes winter rebuild I was hoping to take it out today, but this morning's trip for the sunday paper was on roads that resembled the Bonneville salt flats so rather than risk the prestine chain and sprockets I took the winter bike out again.

Closer to home the road was almost choked with walkers and BSOs but beyond that everything was deserted. It was only 4C when I set out so I only made one stop, trying (and failing) to get a shot of the distant Cheviot which has a very thin sprinkling of snow on it.


Today's map -


32.8 miles @ 13.8mph, 633m up.

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Those infamous cold winds that are said to be rising in the North (the North remembers...) were definitely blowing today:cold:, in and around Cumbria. Also some of the local peds clearly haven't been eating enough fish...:whistle: Anyway I still had an enjoyable afternoon's ride from Penrith past the currently closed Cross Keys pub (sob!), dodging assorted peds before crossing over the River Eamont : woohoo, somebody remembered to put one of their dogs on a lead. Well done that man!:okay:
While wending my way through the lanes towards Great Strickland, I thought maybe I should have put on an extra baselayer-but as Johnny English would say "the mind must be master of the body". Anyway the climb out of the village towards the A6 always warms you up a bit, then there's a nice scenic stretch through Lowther Park towards the Lyevennet Valley and Askham. A valley...hmm that means a climb to get out of it. Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no river wide enough:music:!
After Askham...another climb! You're rewarded with some superb views though, especially while descending towards Pooley Bridge and Ullswater. No large Cappucinos at Granny D's today though, as it's currently shut. I'll have saved hundreds of pounds before too long though, especially with not going to the pub as well. But where will I find a blonde with 3 dragons?...
Then it was a nice easy few miles towards Stainton, with a couple more easy climbs which are avoidable, but then you have to get your kicks on the A66. No-me neither so I enjoyed some more easy miles through the lanes to meet the Greystoke Road and back into Penrith. I even escaped the infamous Penrith Pong today. Winner:okay:!
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I went and got the bike from the shed, I was seduced by the sunshine...

Down the hill to Bridgend, beautiful reflections



on through Noss and up the back lane to Worswell.

My fingers were freezing cold, I’d underdressed. The young heifers in the field had seen a skip lorry come by, so they were all near the fence looking. They gave me a good old once over

on up to Battisborough, I decided to go back home.
I was nearly in tears as my hands came back to life. Horrible.


Yup, no, that didn’t work.
I wasn’t in the mood today, just not feeling it but I found myself putting on the MTB gear dragging the Superfly out of the shed and heading off towards The Ridgway, no plan I thought I’d do about 8 miles and knock it on the head, it’s grey and cold but at least the wind had stopped.

After about 3 miles I saw a grassy bridle way I’d never been down before, so I checked it out and discovered it came out the other side of Rowstock, and across the usually busy main road another bridle way, I continued onwards and saw some pigs. I eventually found the main road again, just though I’d follow the wheels and if I saw a footpath or track or byway I’d take it.

So in the end broadly not straying too far that’s what I did and discovered some new tracks I hadn’t ridden before.

In the end I enjoyed the ride, and took some photos which I wasn’t planning to do.

13.57 miles
0 interactions with people.


tree fella’s

New tracks

A wooden owl

I short bit of Wooded single track that was fun I did it twice.

I’ve no idea why I took this photo.

A map.
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