1. Specialeyes

    Bianchi Specialissima X4 - what's 14mm between friends?

    Back in this thread, I mentioned that I was going to switch my Bianchi X4 to Campagnolo C-Record from Shimano Dura-Ace. I'm not a die-hard 'you-must-have-Campagnolo-on-an-Italian-thoroughbred' chap usually, but this one, like David Ginola's hair, was worth it. Well, it got complicated to the...
  2. G

    Bianchi - buzzing noise

    Hi there A few months ago I bought a Bianchi Infinito CV with Shimano Ultegra. Over the past while, I've noticed that there seems to be a buzzing noise coming from I think the left hood. I've taken it to the bike shop who have said that, on initial inspection, they don't know where the...
  3. PHL67

    Vintage Bianchi SLX

    Picking this up tomorrow morning. one for the clean up aisle. 56cm frame will post more pictures once I get it home. Any ideas on a model.
  4. H

    Bianchi Via Nirone 55(I think) £300 ono

    Bianchi Road Bike Aluminum frame Carbon Forks Shimano SPD pedals Campag Xenon 9 speed groupset Bottle cages and accessory mounts not included New bars and tape New saddle I would suggest the frame is about a 54/55 it's not listed anywhere, I'm 6' and it fits me but I have tiny legs! this...
  5. AndyRM

    Bianchi B4P 928 Build/Rebuild

    As it's a rainy Sunday, and inspired by @Gunk I thought I'd get started on this again. Turns out I'd got further than I'd thought last time, but I'd made a total hash of the cables and bar wrap and it's been sat in a loft for years so I may as well start again. Frame and forks are as the...
  6. Cavalol

    Bianchi road bike wanted.

    Wanted, Bianchi road bike. Ideally in celeste colour, or possibly black or black/celeste. Must be a minimum of 61cms and would like Shimano running gear (I know, but I prefer it). Up to about £600, perhaps a little more for the right bike. North West based would be ideal!
  7. JhnBssll

    Bianchi Oltre XR4 Disc build

    I've mentioned in another thread already that I recently traded in my 2019 Oltre XR3 Disc frameset for the 2020 Oltre XR4 Disc ^_^ I was lucky enough to be in a position to put it on the cycle to work scheme which brought it within my grasp :laugh: I thought it was about time I started up a...
  8. PHL67

    o match.Bianchi rebuild.

    Nearly finished my rebuild of my Bianchi. was bought as spares or repair as it has a very small crack starting in headset. Bike was stripped and engineer used sleeve to aluminium weld it up. filed down, rubbed down then painted Yellow on front section as Pearl Celeste is really awkward to match...
  9. chriscross1966

    Finding info on Bianchi..

    Hi folks, well i just pulled the trigger and bought a rather neglected Bianchi on ebay. Bottom bracket is stamped I-0 with serial number 5740. It's astonishingly light for a steel frame, badged as Columbus SLX tubes and has Columbus forks with a crown with both the badge and Bianchi stamped in...
  10. gavroche

    Bianchi road bikes.

    When I am out on my bike, I see all makes of bikes out but very few from Bianchi and sometimes wonder why. They are a good make and nice looking machines. It can't be because of the price as they don't cost more than any other brands so why are they not as popular as others then?
  11. JhnBssll

    Bianchi upgrade!

    Whilst my current Oltre XR3 disc has only done 1700 miles from new last year I recently found myself in a position to be able to swap the frameset for that of an Oltre XR4 disc for minimal outlay using the cycle to work scheme. With kids on the horizon and a potential house move brewing the...
  12. jamin100

    Brand New: Bianchi Aria Hydraulic Disc 11 Speed 105 - £1800

    Bianchi Aria Disc 11 Speed 105 (2019). BRAND NEW - never ridden 55cm frame Shimano 105 11 speed groupset Fulcrum wheelset Hydraulic Disc brakes Excellent condition, never been ridden Comes with all manuals etc Strictly collection only from Halesowen (Birmingham) Any questions please ask More...
  13. jamin100

    Bianchi Aria Disc 105 Hydraulic (leave eTap behind?)

    I currently have a 2015 Cannondale Supersix Evo, Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels and SRAM Red eTap. Carbon sworks handlebars and carbon stem. Its a great bike, light, stiff and I get on with it well. I've been offered a really good deal on a brand new, Bianchi Aria 105 Hydraulic disc brake bike...
  14. G

    Bianchi Part 2

    Hi there I had put a posting on here before about buying a new Bianchi. I had my heart set on this one: However, when I went to two Bianchi dealers, both said that that particular bike was...
  15. Gravity Aided

    1986 Bianchi Squadra Under an Assumed Identity

    Found this at my bike co-op as a beaten down single speed. Now trying to locate Shimano 600 bits for it. But at least the frame is in good shape, it's old enough for even the lugs to be Italian, but new enough for Shimano parts to be specified and fit. A 24" frame, a rarity in itself, among...
  16. G


    Hi there I had put a previous post on here and everyone was very helpful – thank you. Basically, I had my heart set on the following bike (Bianchi Sprint): However, I went to a Bianchi dealer last night and they have said that this bike is more of a...
  17. woodbutcher

    Bianchi just down the road.

    Just my luck , fancied a Bianchi for ages this one isn't far away and for €200 seems a fair price but it is TOO BLOOMIN' BIG at least it is for me :hyper:
  18. M

    Bianchi Via Nirone 7 - Campognolo Xenon

    I have offered the chance to purchase the above bike (see pictures) for £350. What are people's opinions/experience with the bike and is it a good deal? Said he bought it from Start Cycles in October 2016 for £980 and been kept inside when not being used. Frame size is 57mm and i am 6'1. This...
  19. JhnBssll

    New Bianchi build

    I spotted an unused Bianchi Methanol frame on eBay for 350 notes and couldn't resist. I've been contemplating a hardtail for a while and this seems to fit the bill nicely! It's a Methanol 27.5 SX, 2016 I think, in matte black with a few red and celeste highlights. Here's a photo from the...
  20. A

    What model is this Bianchi?

    This bike is for sale near me. It's out of my price range and the wrong size but I thought the colour scheme was unusual so I googled it. I couldn't find any photos or info , even in the Bianchi official archives. Anybody know what model and year it is?
  21. swee'pea99

    Basingstoke Bianchi Bargain ending in half an hour!

    I posted on the bargain's thread, but I thought it was worth an upgrade. Someone's selling this on ebay - somewhere round Basingstoke (I know, 'cos that's where my sis lives, and it came up on her local feed): It's not a terribly good listing, which may be why it's at £41 with half an hour to...
  22. A

    Bianchi oltre xr1 with extras

    For sale Edinburgh/Galashiels 2015 model 11-32 50/34 Campagnolo potenza 11 speed groupset (fitted last year) Ffwd wheelset Garmin vector power meter pedals Size 55 (medium) 3t handlebars Fizik saddle Bought in 2016 as my main bike but is now not being used as I have a cervelo and a...
  23. sloansteady

    Vintage Bianchi Sprint 1977

    Vintage Celeste Green Bianchi Sprint in super original condition. Dated 1977/8. Ideal for Eroica events Fully serviced and ready to ride. Size 58 cm. Original Paintwork is very good considering its age .No damage or corrosion to frame. Viewing /collection welcome. Please message for any further...
  24. Alwaysbroken

    Bianchi Milano Cafe Racer

    This is definitely a Marmite bike! There are a few later models kicking around but the 97-99 models like this one are mostly long scrapped, they often suffered cracked ally frames due to poor fitting loose seat posts and bottom brackets also cracking. Completely standard other than seat & tyres...
  25. RegG

    Reparto Corse 120mm Road Bike Stem off a Bianchi

    This is a genuine Bianchi Reparto Corse handlebar stem for a road bike. This stem is a 120mm length (measured from the centre of the steerer tube end to the centre of the bar end) and the size can be seen on the photos. The stem fits handlebars of 31.8mm diameter and steerers of 1 1/8 inch...
  26. RegG

    **PRICE DROP** Bianchi Reparto Corse Road Bike Stem, 120mm

    ***PRICE DROP*** ANYONE INTERESTED? This is a genuine Bianchi Reparto Corse handlebar stem for a road bike. This stem is a 120mm length (measured from the centre of the steerer tube end to the centre of the bar end) and the size can be seen on the photos. The stem fits handlebars of 31.8mm...
  27. R

    SRAM RED etap on a Bianchi Intenso

    Any one on here fitted SRAM RED eTAP onto a 2014 Bianchi Intenso? just want to make sure there are no problems before pressing the go button
  28. kingrollo

    Bargain Bianchi ?

    Given that bianchi always carry a premuin price - how much of a bargain is this ...its older 105 - would I be able to put a 32 cassette on ? 2018 version is £2500 ?
  29. Tank63

    Bianchi via nirone

    im thinking of up grading my drive train from the sora which comes with the bike to something better. Thinking about a 105 groupset but I’ve been informed that I would need to change my wheels. Is this the case if so it might be better to purchase a better speck bike what’s peoples views?
  30. fr188

    Is there something wrong with Bianchi road frames?

    Ive been trawling through the internet trying to gain info on how to repair a 80sRaleigh frame, it may be just a fluke but a lot of image search the most cracked bike frames seem to be Bianchi road frames, it may be that owners want to save there expensive Italian bike, or are they a bit flimsy.
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