1. Fab Foodie

    Brompton Rear wheel removal (S6L) and 2x M+ fitted .... am feeling EPIC!

    Well now I know that removing the rear wheel is not that big an issue so no longer scary. Also know how to fit an M+ to a Brompton wheel. No sweat (OK, some swearing but I still have both thumbs). 2 Dragons slain and I feel EPIC!
  2. mustang1

    Replace brompton parts often?

    I know on a brompton the parts need replacing more often than on a larger bike. I researched rims and various drivetrain parts need replacing often but what is your experience in how long the various parts last?
  3. annedonnelly

    Brompton 15% off - should I stock up?

    I've got a voucher code for 15% off on the Brompton site. I don't want any of their gifts or clothing & I already have all the bags I need. I wonder if I should just stock up on consumables while I have the chance - a spare chain, maybe replacement handlebar grips. Any thoughts? I don't want to...
  4. Yellow Fang

    Brommie - slipping seat post

    I have a problem with my Brompton. The seat post keeps slipping. By the time I've cycled the three miles from the station to work, it has slipped about two inches. However, if I tighten the nut sufficiently to stop the slippage, I cannot fold and unfold the bike. Does this indicate some...
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